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Wait . . . Should You Be Scrubbing Your Scalp?

Wait . . . Should You Be Scrubbing Your Scalp?

Have you ever stopped to consider your scalp? Be honest. . . How is your scalp going right now? Is it okay? Is it a happy scalp? Or have you just been taking it for granted?

We're going to call a big fact doubtful. We're pretty sure that until now you've probably given very little thought to the skin on your head. But this is all about to change, because in the words of Aretha Franklin, it's time to give your scalp a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T. After all, the condition of your scalp directly impacts everything from hair growth, to hair condition. Think about it. Do you want good-quality hair? Then you really should give a crap about your scalp.

And, if good hair isn't enough of an incentive for you, surely you want to avoid any awkward dandruff sprinkles. Seriously, they've been known to ruin even the most killer of black ensembles.

This is where we introduce you to the concept of scalp scrubbing. And yes, it is a real thing. Hair scrubs (or scalp exfoliators) started popping up a few years ago, but it's only lately that they've taken off and become widely available. Available in either shampoo or treatment form, these products will go to work removing product build-up and dead skin cells, and re-balancing your head skin. Doesn't that sound so satisfying?

In summary, scrubbing your scalp is important. You should really diary date it — but don't go overboard. This is a once-a-fortnight type of treatment. Scroll to shop the ones we recommend adding to your routine.

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