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How To Get The 1920's Finger Wave

How to Get the 1920's Finger Wave

The 1920's style finger waves have been a hit with the celebrities in the past, but since the release of Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby, it seems everyone has flapper fever. If you're heading out to a twenties themed party or just wanting to add a bit of vintage glamour to your next 'do, Bill Tsiknaris, and his team from Tsiknaris Hair have put together a step-by-step guide for you to get the look — just pop on some shiny jewels and a hair clip, and away you go!

Start curling those locks, after the break!

What you will need:

  • Small curling tong (you can use irons but your look will be a lot looser)
  • Products: Styling tonic, workable hairspray, fixing hairspray
  • Large bristle brush and comb
  • Two sectioning clips and a few pin curl clips

Step 1:
Starting on clean dry hair spray the Alterna Styling Tonic ($32.95) over the hair, moving it about so all the hair is covered. Comb to evenly distribute the product. Part the hair. A clean side part gives the best effect.

Step 2:
Starting on the parted side of your head at the base, take a one inch section and clip the remaining hair up out of the way. Hold the tong close to the head, winding the hair down and away from the side with less hair on. Repeat this all the way along your section making sure all your curls are curling the same way. Keep repeating this until the whole head is done. Your hair will look like a lot of tight ringlets all curling in the same direction.

Step 3:
Spray your whole head with Alterna Working Hair Spray ($38.45). Try and not disturb the curls being very gentle lift them up and place them back down. Leave the curls for two to five minutes.

Step 4:
Dressing out the curls: Using your large bristle brush, slowly but firmly start brushing out the hair starting from the ends working your way up the head. At first the hair will become frizzy but the more you brush and work the hair the more control you will get.

Step 5:
To connect all the hair waves together starting from the top, brush the hair and slowly mould it with the brush, placing the side of your hand in to the hair when you start to see a crease in the hair forming. Holding your hand firm in place start working on your next section below this brushing it firmly to start forming the next part of your wave. It should start to be forming a large ‘s’ shape.

Step 6:
Once all the hair is in place spray a light mist of workable hairspray like Schwarzkopf Taft Flexible Hairspray ($3.39) over the back section.

Step 7:
The front section is where you get most of your 1920’s style. Like the back of the hair, brush the front and mould it into place so you start to create that finger wave look.

Step 8:
Use a few pin curl clips to help the hold the front section in place. Place the clips in the creases of the wave around the face to hold the style. Finish off with spraying Alterna Caviar Extra Hold Hairspray ($38.45). Remove clips after five minutes.

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