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How to Get Problem Skin Under Control With Real-U

Things no one tells you about adulthood: even when you plan meals you'll still end up eating takeaway every second night, rental inspections are ridiculously stressful, and — the worst — zits don't stop when you leave your teens behind.

We might not be able to address the first two, but dealing with oily skin, acne-prone skin and even the occasional pimple can be super frustrating. Especially when slathering your face with all sorts of potions and lotions ends up just making it worse. Flaking, red or sore skin are pretty common side effects of some products designed to make it healthier — not OK.

The answer to your skincare woes could lie in real-ua range of no-nonsense skincare products which not only do the job that you expect them to do, but they are designed to give you the confidence of calm, comfortable and controlled skin. All without using toxic chemicals, it's Aussie made and and featured in POPSUGAR Australia's very own Sugarfix Bellabox for May!

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