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How to Lighten Dark Underarms

The Cure For Dark Underarms and Bikini Spots Is in the Acne Aisle

Bikini season implies that all your sensitive areas will be on display. We often talk about dark spots on your face, but what about discoloration of the armpits and around the bikini line? It will all be exposed on the beach, too! Jodi Shays, Cottonelle's grooming guru and founder of Queen Bee Salon and Spa, has the simple solution. These particular dark spots are caused by constant friction. "If you're shaving every day, your skin says to your brain — I need protection — so it darkens up," she explains. "Or maybe you're waxing and the wax is too hot. Any kind of controlled injury to your skin will either keloid or create a stain."

The solution: salicylic or glycolic acid. Use the same pads that are prescribed for acne to lighten up your underarms and bikini line. Just make sure not to go too close to your lady bits (burning is bad). Kojic acid, which was a geisha favourite, is also a natural approach that Shays loves. You can re-purpose your favourite at-home peel as a brightening bikini treatment, too. Swipe it on, then jump in the shower and let the steam sink in for two minutes before rinsing it away.

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