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How to Make Fake False Eyelashes Look Real

This Hack Makes Synthetic Lashes Look Incredible (and Expensive) in Seconds

Tired of spending $20 plus on eyelashes to get that faux mink look, only the lose them in your not-so-sober state after removing them in the uber on the way home from a night out? So was Paloma Garcia, and we're #blessed because she came up with a solution that makes synthetic lashes look like the real deal, with the added bonus of costing absolutely nothing and taking less than a minute.

The makeup enthusiast took to Facebook to share how she makes stiff, synthetic eyelashes into wispy, expensive looking ones using a spoolie. Makeup junkies everywhere are so impressed with the hack, it's gone viral. Her trick is to drag the dry spoolie (with no product on it) from side to side and ruffle the strip lashes with considerable force, to create an undone effect you would normally expect from more expensive alternatives. The finished product is seriously incredible, and we're just wondering why the hell we haven't thought of this before. Forget having to buy expensive lashes again. It's not just Paloma that's had success; other beauty enthusiasts have taken to Twitter to share their impressive lash transformations, too.

Now please excuse us: we've got lashes to buy and fluff and wear with pride.

Image Source: Twitter user KarenLKCocaine
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