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How to Prevent Blisters From Forming on Feet This Summer

How-To: Keep Your Feet Blister-Free This Summer

Whether it's thongs or busting out those cute new heels, blisters are likely to happen this Summer. But with them being on display 24/7, gnarly feet are just not an option. Blisters are caused by friction, so the key is to prevent your shoes from rubbing against your feet. While it's practically impossible to keep your shoes from touching your skin, you can follow a few different methods to create a thin barrier between you and your shoes . . .

First thing's first; wear shoes that fit. Yes, we know about the gorgeous Louboutins on Shopbob but if they're not your size, they're not a steal. Anything too loose or too tight is just asking for it.

Lots of anti-blister products contain cushions or gel pads to put a serious block between you and your shoes. As an added bonus, all of these products can also be worn over pre-existing blisters. We always keep Elastoplast Large Blister Plasters (from $8.78) in our clutch.

When in a pinch, apply a touch of Vaseline, Lucas Papaw or Lanolips to problem areas, this can help stop the shoe from rubbing and put a stop to blistering.

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