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Celebrity Beauty
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How to Prevent Cakey Foundation

How-To: Prevent Caked-on Foundation

Most people hit me up with questions as soon as they find out that I'm in the beauty biz. Without fail, this always comes up: "How can I prevent my makeup from getting cakey?" Nobody wants crinkly, unnatural-looking makeup; not only does it have a tendency to age the skin, but it also gives the illusion that you're wearing way too much foundation or powder. Keep your cosmetics looking smooth and fresh with these tips:

Choose the right formula for your skin: If you have an oily complexion, avoid overly creamy formulations which will only contribute to caking. For dry skin, prep the skin first by exfoliating. Apply a thin layer of moisturiser and follow up with a moisturising foundation.

Pick the right colour: Foundation that's too light or too dark looks mask-like. The right colour will seamlessly melt right into the skin so be sure to test it on both your face and neck and see what it looks like in natural light before you purchase.

Keep reading . . .Use all products sparingly: Regardless of your skin type, wait until your moisturiser sets in before applying your foundation. Remember, you can always dab on a bit of colour-correcting concealer to even out the complexion. Tip: For a flawless finish, foundation should only be applied on uneven spots using a foundation brush or sponge. Done correctly, you'll probably find that you don't need much foundation at all.

Powder up: To set your foundation, first wait until it's completely dry before brushing a translucent powder onto the t-zone. Tap off any excess product before applying.

Refresh: If your skin is oily, use blotting papers throughout the day to refresh your look. If it's dry, spritz on water or a toner, using your fingers or a sponge to lightly tap your makeup back into place.

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birdplane birdplane 7 years
My tip is actually to only use foundation where you need it. Most days I wear foundation, I only use it on my cheeks to conceal the look of my pores, but keep my chin and forehead clean. If they need a bit of evening out in terms of tone, I'll lightly dust them with some powder while keeping my mousse foundation limited to my cheeks.
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