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How to Prevent Concealer From Creasing

How-To: Stop Concealer From Creasing and Caking

Creasing, caking eye makeup is a sure-fire way to highlight every fine line and wrinkle and make you feel minus $1 million and totally sucky. But luckily, there are a few trickster techniques you can employ to avoid the cracks from settling in. We've already covered making sure your foundation's a smoother operator, so now, let's move on to preventing under-eye caking . . .

Prep: Apply a light layer of a lightweight gel or gel/cream moisturiser, like Estée Lauder Hydra Complete Multi-Level Moisture Eye Gel Creme ($78) or Olay Age Defying Series Revitalising Eye Gel ($16.99).

Choose the right colour: If you're wearing the wrong kind of concealer, it can actually create a caked-on effect. Pick one with a lightweight, creamy texture, such as NARS Concealer ($52), in a colour about one to two shades lighter than your skin tone. As a general rule of thumb, if it looks ashy on, it's probably too light, but if it doesn't brighten enough, it's probably too dark.

Keep reading . . .For really dark circles: If you have dark circles, consider applying a peach corrector first to counteract the greenish-purple tones. Layer on more as needed, remembering to let the product dry in between applications. A concealer in a tone one shade darker than your skin tone can sometimes blend in with darker circles more naturally.

Apply: Using a small tapered brush, start at the darkest part of the under-eye area and lightly tap on concealer. Pat with your ring finger to help set.

Touch-ups: To refresh your concealer throughout the day, a little dab of eye cream will bring it back to life, helping to redistribute any runaway product.

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birdplane birdplane 7 years
aww Bella I have an OS wish list too! I regularly update it, and generally ask friends/family to get me some things. Even if I purchase it myself and use a parcel service, it works out to be cheaper than buying it here!
Ange-Demon013 Ange-Demon013 7 years
LOL I store the Products I Want on my iPod too. I wonder if there's some discrimination towards Australian Market as US$1 is pretty much AUS$1 and yet the American products are sold twice the price in US. To add to our sorrow, foreign retailers like Body Shop provides loyalty program and sales to Asia, UK and US but not us :(
POPSUGAR-Beauty-AU POPSUGAR-Beauty-AU 7 years
I know, I have a HUGE OS Wish List that I keep with me at all times in case friends/family/someone at my bus stop is going to the US and wants to bring back all of my beauty goodies for me! x
Ange-Demon013 Ange-Demon013 7 years
Hmm..applying finishing powder over concealer may not be convenient for those with dry/mature skin. I would imagine the concealer to have a feathering effect or cakeyness on those type of skin. Can't wait for Olay Simply Ageless Corrector to hit AUS shelves to try it out :)
POPSUGAR-Beauty-AU POPSUGAR-Beauty-AU 7 years
Good idea Ange. I left the powder off as the jury's still out on whether or not it can contribute to the cakey/unnatural look of concealer. But a little invisible powder (MAC or Invisible Zinc do great ones) is the way to go if you're looking to 'seal in' that concealer on oily skin/a hot day.
Ange-Demon013 Ange-Demon013 7 years
Since the area near my nose bridge tends to become oily during the day or if you're prone to sweating around this area like I am, I usually apply a bit of staying powder/finishing powder with an eyeshadow brush over my concealer.
stephcorinn stephcorinn 7 years
Thanks for the tips, guys! I'll give them a try.
Vananners Vananners 7 years
Cover Girl just came out with a corrector in their Olay Simply Ageless line. It's peachy colored and made for extreme dark circles. I haven't tried it, but it's intriguing.
stephcorinn stephcorinn 7 years
First, can you recommend a peach tone concealer/corrector? I've looked all over for one and can't find any. Second, I've done the moisturizer, etc. and my concealer STILL cakes. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. It doesn't crease; it just cakes. So frustrating since I have awful dark circles and need to wear some sort of concealer. Thanks!
onegreatsmile onegreatsmile 7 years
This is great advice for standard concealers, but as a side note, if you have really intense circles and prefer to use a heavier concealer that's water resistant, such as a tattoo cover, paramedical concealer, or a professional brand such as Kryolan, any product containing oil must be avoided, as it is designed to be applied on clean dry skin. Many moisturizers will cause it to not cover properly, or worse, increase the creasing!
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