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How to Make Your Overgrown Bangs Look Intentional

How to Make Your Overgrown Bangs Look Intentional

So you fell for the fringe hype and went and cut yourself some French girl bangs. And while it was good while it lasted (like really good), the weather's warming up and you don't fancy yourself a sweaty-forehead fringe for the entirety of Summer, so you've made the decision to grow those bad boys out.

If you've grown out a fringe before, you'll be familiar with the, ahem . . . growing pains. But when you're caught up in the afterglow of cutting some beautiful bangs, it can be easy to forget how annoying that phase can really be. It's not until you're presented with the inevitable (awkward hair), that you remember how difficult it is to still look good, while you ride it out. And unless you're blessed with naturally fast-growing hair, it's guaranteed to be a slow going (and growing) journey. So what's a girl to do? Our recommendation: Fake it, till you make it, and wear your overgrown bangs like it's a real intentional thing.

So, regardless of whether you're just really overdue for a trim (who isn't?), or you're growing those bangs out for good, we've rounded up a stock supply of inspiration for you to pull from. And, if you do get stuck, remember — your hair will always look sexy pushed back.

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