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Is This the Secret to Cutting French Girl Bangs (at Home)?

A post shared by Violette (@violette_fr) on

Having a fringe is really great. That is until you can't even remember what your eyebrows look like and it's becoming increasingly dangerous to drive (due to the lack of viewability issues).

Unfortunately, fringes are pretty high up there on the "hair maintenance pyramid" when it comes to hairstyles. Something I seem to easily convince myself is "no biggy" every time I decide to go and get bangs — again!

Being that I like to sit on the bottom end of said "hair maintenance pyramid", you can easily see how this can start to become an issue. And as much as I love having a fringe, I just don't have the patience or enthusiasm to get myself to the salon for a trim every couple of weeks.

So last Thursday, after landing my hands on some serious fringe wisdom, I decided it was time to start cutting my own bangs. Because if you're not spending your Thursday night risking wearing your mistake on your forehead for the next four to six weeks, are you even really living?

The piece of advice in question came from French-girl Violette's interview with the Violet Files. According to her, the key to trimming your fringe (at home) is to use nail scissors. "I used it, and was like . . . This is super convenient for cutting the little pieces. It works well." She's also adamant you should never cut your fringe whilst it is wet. "I don't cut it wet. It makes the hair straighter, you don't see what you really look like." Advice noted. And trust me, it really worked. I'd almost go as far to say . . . I've never seen my fringe look this good.

If you need further convincing, according to her hairdresser Steven, "If it looks a bit f*cked up, it's good." If that statement doesn't make you confident to take a pair of nail scissors to your hair. I don't know what will.

Scroll to watch the full how-to and bookmark this one for later.

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