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How Are Wigs Made?

Learn How Wigs Are Made From This Mesmerising Video

How wigs are made

Making wigs is way more intense than you realized.

Posted by INSIDER on Friday, March 11, 2016

If you've ever wondered why wigs can be so damn expensive, you now have your answer. A recent video from Insider followed a wigmaker to reveal how utterly painstaking the process is.

In the video, the wigmaker pins a swatch of lace onto a mannequin's head, which will serve as the wig's foundation. This is where things get interesting: he then creates his own custom hair colour by mixing together blonde, pink, and orange strands. He does this by repeatedly dragging the different shades through a needle-studded tool called a "hackle" — which kind of resembles a torture device — until they're all blended.

To complete his work, the wigmaker weaves each individual strand through the lace fabric until the full wig is complete. By the time he's finished, he will have likely spent an astounding 50 hours on that one wig. (And you thought you took forever to do your hair in the morning!) Watch the mesmerising video to see every step.

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