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Individual Eyelash Application | Video

An Easy Breakdown of How to Apply Individual Lashes

False lashes are great, especially if you need a budget-friendly option for long, thicker lashes — and quick. But lash strips can make even the most expert beauty aficionado fall to their knees. If you've dabbled in faux eyelashes, you know that it takes practice to perfect. Mercury has to be out of retrograde. Winds have to be less than 15 mph. You have to be out of direct sunlight. (You get the gist.) It's an art!

Whenever friends ask me to do their lashes or ask for suggestions on to apply them on their own, I always suggest individual false lashes. They look more intimidating because there are so many of them, and they're super small, right? But that allows you to get them directly on your lash line and at the perfect angle, too. No need to cut a strip so it fits your eyelid or worry that one end will lift.

My favorite individuals are from Ardell, and you'll need a pair of tweezers, as well as gray or black lash glue. To really make your lashes pop, start by powdering them to remove any moisture. Then add two coats of mascara so the faux lashes can "sit" on top. And make sure to line your top waterline to bring the entire look together.

Check out the video above for the correct way too apply individual false lashes.

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