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Injecting blood to make your face look younger

Would You Inject Blood Into Your Face to Look Younger?

A new anti-ageing buzz is going around and it’s earned the nickname ‘Dracula Therapy’. Nice. It’s not just about being down with the whole Twilight gang, the new anti-ageing ritual – it appears to be quite satanic in my mind – involves injecting your own blood into your face.

It’s the brainchild of French cosmetic doctor, Daniel Sister, so I’m a bit intrigued given I think the French have the most beautiful skin in the world; but what’s with the gruesomeness?

Well, clear serum – which is a part of our blood – has long been used to heal bones and gums so Daniel figured its speedy healing abilities, when mixed with vitamins and amino acids, would bring life back into lacklustre skin and erase wrinkles. It’s gone down a storm in London where Daniel is based but I’m just not sure I’m up to it, are you?

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