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What It's Like to Get Kendall Jenner Ready For an Event

What It's Like to Get Kendall Jenner Ready For an Event

Kendall Jenner always looks flawless, but as one of the world's biggest celebrities she's got some talented creatives helping her in that department. When it comes to who she trusts with her face, the Estée Lauder ambassador has the help of high profile makeup artist Victor Henao. Victor is the brand's Director of Global Makeup Design, and he does Kendall's makeup for events and Estée Lauder campaigns. He's currently in Australia (for the first time!) sharing his beauty knowledge and expertise, so we took the opportunity to chat to him about what it's like to get ready with Kendall, his favourite techniques, and how to ensure makeup goes the distance.

POPSUGAR AUSTRALIA: What is your favourite makeup look to do on Kendall?

Victor Henao: It's hard to answer that question because every look is my favourite. I try to up the ante on every session that I see her. I try to outdo it, in a way, so like, my last look was my favourite look. Also, when I work with Kendall, it's not conventional, it's not just about doing her makeup — it's about doing her makeup with a new product, or with something we're launching. It's incorporating technology differently every time I see her when it comes to products.

Textures, technology and product can really change a look, so I don't necessarily always do the same thing. I just did a shoot for a product we're launching in the Fall — a new lip product, and that was my favourite look, because it was just so different to any other product we have. So every single time we work together, there's a new element to a new product that makes it really interesting and fun.

PS: It's that creativity with beauty too, you don't want to be stagnant and do the same thing.

VH: Exactly. I shoot this show on a US network called Discovery and do the anchor for the show, and her makeup always looks the same. So it's very different doing that type of makeup and then doing makeup on a supermodel, where you're always constantly trying to outdo yourself.

PS: And Kendall's always open to all these new things you want to try with her?

VH: Yeah, I think when it comes to working on a video shoot or print ads, she's really relaxed about the fact that we're making the best decision for the brand, and she trusts that.

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