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Forget French Girls . . . All We Want to Be Are These Italian Beauties

Forget French Girls . . . All We Want to Be Are These Italian Beauties

We're the first to admit that our obsession with the French girl has been long-standing (and has outlasted the majority of our IRL relationships), but until now, nothing could really replace our fascination with French girl beauty. And look, we're not saying the French girl is done, she will always hold a strong presence in our file of beauty muses (don't worry, Jeanne Damas, Marta Cygan and Anne-Laure Mais, you aren't going anywhere). It's just that lately we've found our obsession wavering for a new kind of muse — the Italian girl.

We're sure you're already familiar with the sickeningly cool Instagram posts of Diletta Bonaiuti, Giorgia Tordini, and Gilda Ambrosio, or the latter two's store Attico, but recently, our infatuation with their extended Italian crew has reached fever pitch. Because we're not ashamed to admit that we might have followed their girls' trip to Sardinia a little too closely (trust us, #SardiniaMermaids is really worth a scroll). These girls are so chic, it almost hurts.

We mean it when we say, you'll be trying to locate some kind of Italian heritage in your family tree in no time. BRB . . . going to eat some pasta while we keep scrolling in envy.

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