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Jeffree Star's Holiday Collection Will Take You Back to the Early 2000s

If you're still not over your fetch-as-hell 2006 pink velour jumpsuit, Jeffree Star's Holiday Collection will speak directly to your soul. Just a day after teasing his brand's new highlighter palette, Star gave us another update. In a video posted to Instagram, the makeup artist artist showed off two upcoming Winter offerings: a Velour Liquid Lipstick and Scrub. We already know and love these cult products, but Star has given them a very shiny update. "Get ready," Star coos in the background of the video. "It's going to be really sparkly."

If you've ever tried to purchase Candyass, the metallic pink Velour Liquid Lip that always seems to be sold out, this upcoming launch will give you a new twinkling rosy hue to set up a calendar alert for.

Of course, Starr has only showed off the brand's packaging, not any of the actual product. That means we're left wondering what the newest hue will be. That doesn't seem to stop Star fanatics. As one user commented, "I don't even care what the colours are. I just want it for the packaging."

We can't deny that the gorgeously shimmering pink packaging reminds us of all that was "grool" back in the mid-aughts. The lipstick and scrub look like a vintage 2000s product that would perfectly match your old Juicy tracksuit.

The new Velour Liquid Lip and Scrub will be released in November. There's no news yet on whether this is part of a larger set or kit. We'll keep you updated on the sparkly Winter collection that will make you shine bright, like a star (sorry).

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