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Joh Bailey Shares His Top Tips For Preventing Colour Fade

Joh Bailey Shares His Top 5 Tips For Preventing Colour Fade

While we may not all be as adventurous as Izzy on Australia's Next Top Model with our hair colour, chances are there's still some colouring going on, whether it's at home or at the salon — very few people have virgin (read: un-dyed) hair these days. So with Summer almost upon us, we asked TRESemmé Celebrity Stylist Joh Bailey, who styles the girls on the show, for his top tips on making hair colour last and avoiding colour fade. It's over to you, Joh!

TIP #1: Hair colour’s number one enemy is hair washing. This strips colour from the hair faster than anything. So try to avoid washing your hair every day and instead, between washes, use a dry shampoo such as
<product target="_blank" href="">TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo</product> ($11.49). This can prolong your wash over a couple of days, plus add body and texture to the hair as it works as a styling product as well.

Keep reading . . .TIP #2: When you do shampoo, pick a product that's specifically designed for coloured hair.
<product target="_blank" href="">TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Shampoo and Conditioner</product> ($11.49 each) have new formulas which have been proven to make colour last up to 40 washes!

TIP #3: If you are going to be swimming in chlorine, use a hair cap to protect hair. Or wet hair before you go into chlorine; this means the chlorine won’t be able to penetrate the hair shaft as it is already wet. Even better, pop in some conditioner.

TIP #4: It doesn't make too much of a difference how long you wait after your hair is first coloured before you wash it as the colour can’t really "lock in" any more. It is more about just minimising the amount of times you wash between colouring appointments.

TIP #5: Styling products, along with the styling itself which is causing damage to the hair, can cause colour fade. But it is not the most important factor so people should feel free to enjoy their new coloured hair and style away!

Image courtesy of Foxtel

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