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Justin Bieber Isn't Shaving For a Month; Says He's "Pumped" to Grow Moustache!

Justin Bieber Not Shaving For a Month; "Pumped" to Grow Mo'

We thought Justin Bieber cutting his hair and giving it to Ellen to sell on eBay for US$40,668 would be enough excitement for one year. But no. Justin Bieber is "pumped" to take on another hair adventure. This time a moustache. He wrote on his Twitter: "im not shaving for a month so you all can see my mustache.. im pumped" We're sure all the haters out are questioning the 16-year-olds ability, but we're just worried about his Twitter fans. 80,000 left him after he cut his hair so what's going to happen when the "Never Say Never" star gets all grown up and looks like Tom Selleck? Only time will tell, we guess. What do you think, should Justin grow a mo'?

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