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Exclusive: We Just Spoke to Kylie Jenner on the Phone

Exclusive: We Just Spoke to Kylie Jenner on the Phone

I'm nervously sitting with the phone on loudspeaker waiting for Kylie Jenner to come on the line. Our interview is scheduled for 9 a.m. but she's just finishing up in a meeting. It's now 9:16 a.m. and my palms are so sweaty.

I'm halfway round the world in Sydney and she's somewhere in America — is she in her immaculate Californian mansion? I try to picture her sitting on her expensive designer sofa strewn with neutral textured pillows, high-heeled feet draped over one arm, glossy lips pouted and nails perfectly manicured.

The makeup mogul has just released another lip kit range, metallic mattes especially for Coachella, which has already sold out — of course. But we've got the opportunity to chat to the mega-star through the new nail polish collection that she created in collaboration with amazingly budget-friendly beauty brand Sinful Colors. A range of jewel tones, neutrals and metallic shimmers, the King Kylie Sinful Shine Collection hits shelves in Australia on May 1.

Suddenly a voice comes over the line, "Here's Kylie." And there's the longest second of silence where I catch my breath, before I launch in with my first question. No time for chit chat, King Kylie is a woman in demand.

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