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Kylie Jenner's Lips on Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel, Leave Kylie Jenner and Her Lips Alone

When Kylie Jenner confessed that her plump pucker is not a clever makeup trick but the results of some cosmetic dermatology, we knew that she was opening herself up to some serious backlash. Jimmy Kimmel took to his show to poke some fun at her. "She finally admitted that she got injections, which is kind of like the Smurfs admitting that they're blue," he riffed. "I thought her lips swelled up because she was allergic to something, like working."

While we're big fans of Jimmy, we think this teasing is kind of unfair. Whether or not you consider it "real" work, Kylie has been one of the stars of Keeping Up With the Kardashians since the tender age of 10. And because she's the daughter of Olympian Bruce Jenner and socialite mum Kris, Kylie has spent her whole life in the public eye — those challenging, awkward years as a tween and teen included. We don't know about your experience, but those years were hard enough for us without getting the whole world involved.

Sure, you may think it's ridiculous that Kylie got work done at 17. You may also believe that Kylie lied by omission by not revealing the truth about her famous lips. However, just like you, Kylie is a person. She has secrets, none of which she is under obligation to share with anyone, let alone the press. She also has feelings. After making herself vulnerable to her fans by telling the truth, why not just accept her choices?

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