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LOVE Magazine Posts Picture of MARC Jacobs Hannah Holman Straight After Spray Tan

Do You Care About Being Seen After Getting a Spray Tan?

LOVE Magazine just posted this pic of gorgeous Marc Jacobs model Hannah Holman on their Twitter and look, she's just been spray tanned! Halleluiah, I say. Not only because she's practicing safe sunning (bravo, BTW Han) but also because she's happy to be snapped in her tan. This pleases me immensely. See I'll pretty much do anything for a perfect tan. ANYTHING. And for me, a perfect tan means sleeping in it. So I am constantly spotted out and about with said developing tan. I shopped on Sat with one. I went out for dinner with one last week. Heck, I even went to see Backstreet Boys play with a tan on once — they didn't seem to notice. Friends of mine think it's bad, and I know. I know it kinda is. But there's just never the time to sit in for 12 hours. What about you, are you cool to be seen with a spray tan or do you head straight home after and wait until you wash it off before leaving the house again?

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