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Laura Mercier's Makeup Tips on How to Use Bronzer and Contouring

The Bronzed and the Beautiful: How to Get a Gorgeous Glow

After spending a weekend at the beach or picnicking in the sun (with SPF on, of course), it's likely that you'll have a bit of a natural glow going on. But that doesn’t mean you should skip your bronzer. If you’re yet to master the art of being a bronzed goddess, as well as how to contour, we’ve got some fabulous tips thanks to makeup maestro Laura Mercier’s book The New Beauty Secrets: Your Ultimate Guide to a Flawless Face.

Pick your poison: Mercier says bronzer helps everyone feel “a little St. Tropez fabulous from time to time,” but understands how incorrect application can make it look fake. As there are several types of bronzers out there, she recommends using the formula you’re most comfortable with, be it powder, gel, cream or liquid.

Keep reading . . .How to apply powder bronzer: Swirl a large fluffy powder brush around the product. Tap off the excess and “lightly brush where the sun naturally hits your face: the tops of your cheekbones, tip of your chin, bridge of your nose, and on your forehead at the temples and the hairline.” Also make sure you apply your bronzer before your blush. Try
<product target="_blank" href="">Laura Mercier Bronzing Pressed Powder</product> ($65).

Keep reading . . .Liquid bronzer: The easiest way to go bronze—all you have to do is “add a few drops of liquid bronzer to your foundation and apply.” Simple!

Contouring: The aim of contouring is to create “a shadow to distract the eye.” You need a medium-size powder brush and matte bronzer — Mercier prefers matte as it doesn’t reflect light. For the ultimate contour guide, Mercier suggests along your jawbone, on the tip of your nose, along the sides of your nose, on the tip of your chin, under cheekbones and on the top of your forehead.

Image by Max Doyle for Vogue Australia

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