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Looking For the Perfect Summer Blush? Try Benefit's Bella Bamba Cheek Colour!

When Bella Met Bella Bamba, She Fell a Lot in Love . . .

It's a funny thing having a beauty product with the same name as you (I'd like to say it was named after me but I think that's a bit of a stretch). You feel compelled to get along. To hang out. And basically become BFFs. Which is all well and good if the product is amazeballs like my namesake, but not so good for those who end up with the dud shades. Then again, they can always change their name to Bella, because it's impossible not to love the new Bella Bamba cheek colour from Benefit. I was lucky enough to try it when I popped into the Boutique a coupla weeks ago and was instantly wowed by the wash of watermelon on my cheeks. You can wear a light flush of colour or build it up for a punchier look and we just LOVE its shimmering golden tones. A pop of this pretty pink and you're done-diddly-done. Cute, huh?

Benefit Bella Bamba ($51) is available from February 26. Stockists: 02 8353 5000.

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