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Make Dirty Hair Look Cleaner Without Shampoo

Make Dirty Hair Look Cleaner — Without Shampoo

Dirty hair happens. Maybe you've slept through your alarm, maybe you canne be bothered washing it, maybe you're going for that shabby-chic look. Whatevs. I'm not here to question or lay blame. I've been there.

But when you're over that not-so-fresh feeling, but with no shower or bathtub in sight, there are a few ways to make it look — well, not clean per se, but significantly less glazed.

Change it up. If you part your hair on the left, part it on the right. Usually, it'll show cleaner hair and it will magically create the illusion of more volume. Plus, you'll get that hair-in-the-eyes '90s look, which is coming back I tells ya.

Do the twist. If your hair is long enough, twist or braid an inch-wide section of hair on each side of your face. Pull those back, and they'll look sleek and sexy. They also distract from the slick. Keep reading . . .

Learn to love hats. And headbands. And anything else that gets your hair away from your face. It's an obvious solution, but one that works.

Wash what you can. If you have bangs, washing those can give you a fresher look. (Desperate times call for desperate measures: the work bathroom sink and hand wash will do. This is no time to be snobby.)

Use a dry shampoo. You know I worship at the temple of Dry Shampoo. Both Batiste and Lee Stafford do miniature-sized versions that'll make sure you're never in this sticky situation again. In a pinch, you can use baby powder if that's more readily available. (Please do not hassle mums on the street. It's not that much of an emergency.)

Wipe out. If you can't shampoo your hair, you can still give it a quick clean. Try a gentle cleansing wipe such as Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes ($7.95) to gently refresh.

Stockists: Batiste (02 8709 8800), Lee Stafford (Priceline), Simple (03 9538 4000).

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