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Make Lipstick Last Longer

There's a Better Way to Blot and Make Lipstick Last Longer

Blotting your lipstick is pretty straightforward, but did you know that the way you blot can mean lots more re-applications and uneven wear? When most people blot, they take the tissue, put it between their lips and squeeze. This isn't wrong, but it can contribute to lip colour having a shorter lifespan. Plus, the colour on the outside edge of lips sticks around longer than the lipstick closer to the centre, so you end up with an uneven ring around your mouth instead of a pretty, evenly faded look. So what's the solution?

Find out now . . .First of all, don't press hard when you blot. It's just intended to take off excess colour, not keep the colour from moving altogether. If you're blotting hard because you're afraid the colour is going to get everywhere otherwise, use a lip liner and go over the top of your lipstick with pressed powder to set it.

To keep your wear more even, avoid putting the tissue between your lips. Instead, just press it lightly on top of your mouth. This way, you don't remove more colour from the inside than the outside. The colour inside fades faster anyway and lips are naturally darker toward the centre, so this makes the colour look less "fake" as well.

Source: Flickr User sharonpak

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