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Marc Jacobs Naked BANG Campaign: Offensive or Not?

Marc Jacobs Greased-Up BANG Ad: Hilarious or Hate It?

BANG. You've probably heard of it. Or at least seen it. If not the scent itself, then the giant billboard ads of Marc Jacobs — NAKED, greased-up, with a giant bottle o' bang covering, ahem, anything strictly un-PG-13. It's risqué, it's provocative, and I guess it's what you'd expect from Marc Jacobs given it's the first time he's appeared in one of his own ads. A man's got to make a statement after all. I've got to say that, whilst it is revealing, I don't find it offensive. But seems Sarah Mudoch does. The host of Australia's Next Top Model took to Twitter to say: "Just saw something I cant cope with. Marc Jacobs Bang ad with Marc Jacobs himself in nude. What?" to which Erin McNaught responded: "Really?? I think it's hot!" Guess MJ's succeded in getting everyone talking. What say you? Is it funny and tongue-in-cheek or *NSFA? Do tell . . .

*Not suitable for work anywhere.

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