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Max Factor Mascara: How-To Put an End to Clumpy Mascara

Max Factor Workshop #3...How-To: Put an End to Clumpy Mascara

There is nothing worse than clumpy mascara. It may, occasionally, make an appearance on the runway but it’s time to admit that our clumps never happen by design. So how do you apply mascara and separate lashes at the same time?

Katherine Conyers, National Max Factor Makeup Artist, says that avoiding the clumpy look actually comes down to preparation, not application: “Make sure you scrape off any excess mascara from the wand before you begin to apply to the lashes. It is easier to achieve a great lash with less product.”

The trick to remember is that less is more. You’ll build up a better lash line if you apply multiple, thin coats of mascara (Katherine suggests two), instead of one thick and clumpy one so always check how much product is on the wand before you begin to apply.

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