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Most Botox and Filler Users Hide It From Their Families and Friends

Would You Hide Cosmetic Procedures From Your Friends?

Just because Brits don't talk about Botox, doesn't mean they're avoiding the stuff. Transform, the UK's largest plastic surgery group, reports that 72 percent of women (and a HUGE 81 percent of men) don't tell their friends and family when they get Botox or fillers.

If, like me, you'd think it'd be pretty easy to spot a 'toxer, think again. Record numbers of patients are staggering their procedures so that changes to their faces and bodies are gradual and therefore less likely to be noticed. Sneaky little minxes. Given how common fillers like Botox are now, it's funny that there's still enough "shame" around them to keep people from telling their besties. If you had a cosmetic procedure (or if you have already), would you proudly proclaim it or keep it under wraps? Spill . . .

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