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My Review of the L'Oréal Paris BaseMagique Transforming Smoothing Primer

Review: L'Oréal BaseMagique Transforming Smoothing Primer

When a primer promises to transform your skin's texture, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and has the word Magique in its name, I expect big things. Did it live up to the hype?

First impressions: I immediately liked this primer on sight. The glass jar is both big enough to make you feel as though you're getting a lot for your money, but small enough to be able to take away for a weekend. In other words, my kind of product. Its whipped-like texture almost makes your finger bounce back, meaning it's hard to load up on product. But that's not a bad thing. With this primer you don't need much; use too much and it can become a little cluggy and look unnatural under your foundation. Another plus? It's pink. Read the full review.

Application: It's one of those products where you do really need to stick to the guidelines. There aren't 500 steps, it's pretty simple — rub the product between your fingers to ease the spreading — but if you skip that one step, I found the end result wasn't great. That's because the primer can look (but not feel) sticky, so if you're rubbing it in on your face you a) get excess "flakes" of product and b) the product ends up redundant as you've pretty much rubbed it off. So this is definitely the one time to stick to the rules.

End result: I found that, if I warmed the product in my fingertips for 5-10 seconds, the texture was adaptable and spread easily to create a smooth canvas for my makeup. The other plus is its matte finish. Even if you're not sold on the concept of a primer — though I'd beg you to reconsider as they really do make makeup application easier and your face stays in place for longer — this is a great touch-up product for those 3pm shine breakouts. Just dab a little on your T-zone and you're good to go. Sometimes, because of this, I'd skip foundation altogether and just go with bronzer and blush over the top.

The verdict: Overall, I'm impressed. This little jar not only made my makeup look (and apply) better, but it helped to smooth over the fine lines under my eyes and any unevenness created in the on-going pore war that I face, definitely earning enough brownie points to stay in my beauty bag, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You must rub the product in your hands before you apply. No buts
  • Less is definitely more when it comes to this product. Apply too much and you'll end up regretting it
  • Remember that primer doesn't have to go over your whole face. Your T-zone is the area that needs it most as that's where your makeup wears off most easily
  • Always make sure you seal the jar tightly shut to avoid the product drying out
  • If you're unsure where it fits into your skincare and makeup routine, it comes after moisturising and before your foundation
  • Though it's primarily designed to go on before makeup, it can be used as a mattifying touch-up throughout the day
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