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Nail Polish Shelf Life and Storage Tips

Nail Polish: When to Keep, When to Chuck and Where to Store

As part of our Spring Cleaning special this month we'll be bringing you some new season must-haves and sharing some handy hints on storage, plus talking practical advice, such as use-by dates. Up today is nail polish — ever wondered how long you should be hoarding that bottle of Rouge Noir? Or how to get rid of colours that you no longer use? Then you're in the right place!

How long does nail polish last for? "Once opened, it has a shelf life of 2-3 years," says Fiona Hay, Orly Australia's creative director. "You may find they thicken with age, this can be helped by always cleaning the neck of the bottle when you finish using it because if there is residual polish around the neck of the bottle, it may not provide an air tight seal, and will also make it difficult to open the bottle next time," she advises.

Keep reading . . .What’s the best way to store nail polish? According to Fiona, you should be storing your favourite lacquers "upright in a cool place out of direct sunlight." Her trick? "I have several large plastic boxes with lids that I keep my polishes in, they have compartments that make it easy for colour grouping and travelling."

How should we dispose of nail polish? When the 2-3 years is up and it's time to cull our colours, "the best way to dispose of nail polish is to pour it onto some newspaper outside, and allow it to dry. This will allow all the solvents to evaporate." Alternatively, if the shelf life isn't up, but you're over the colour, "try pouring into another nailpolish bottle to create a new colour!"

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