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New Study Shows Carrots Are the Key to Attractiveness!

Why Eating Carrots Can Make You More Attractive to Others!

I know grown-ups who act like babies when it comes to eating vegetables. I can never understand it myself. I love them. Love them all, I tells ya. Except carrots. Which is something I am going to HAVE to force myself to like if a recent study is anything to go by. Researchers at St Andrews University (where lovebirds Wills and Kate met; sigh) and Bristol University in the UK found that people with a yellow skin tone were seen as the most healthy and attractive people. The study also found that carotenoids — yellow pigments that feature in certain fruit and vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach — are a key factor in turning your skin yellow. Ian Stephen, one of the scientists involved, said the results will hopefully encourage young people to start eating more fruit and vegetables. Whaddya reck? Do you eat a lot of fruit and veg anyway? If not, would the promise of becoming more attractive make you eat them? Or do you think health and not attractiveness should be the reason we eat healthily?

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