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This Is The One Product Beauty Editors Always Carry

This Is the One Product Beauty Editors Always Carry

This Is the One Product Beauty Editors Always Carry
Image Source: Getty / Timur Emek

You'd be mistaken for thinking that beauty editors carry around everything but the kitchen sink in our handbags. Yes we do fall victim to wanting to have "choices" on hand (you know, just in case). But we also get really good at editing down our products and knowing what essentials we really need to get through the day in a (somewhat) respectable fashion.

But regardless of the occasion, whether it's a makeup-free day, or an event, there's one product we always carry. And although it might sound boring, it really is our secret weapon for looking fresh, keeping oil at bay (hey face, why you so shiny?) and preventing any cakeage from occurring. Look, call us old fashioned, but the answer is blotting paper.

Regardless of whether you're oily, or more on the dry side, there's a place for blotting paper in your life. More importantly, if you like to re-apply your makeup throughout the day, blotting paper gets even more important. They will suck up the excess oil from your skin, preventing oil mixing with your foundation or powder, which can cause it to break apart. It will also keep your powder and brushes cleaner by letting the paper suck up the oil, rather than transferring it onto your products (delicious).

Trust us, once you've been converted to the blotting lifestyle you'll never be without them. And for those of you convinced using toilet paper is a decent substitute . . . All we have to say is there's nothing chic about rubbing toilet paper all over your face. We'll leave that one with you.

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