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Two Days to Whiter Teeth: Oral-B 3D White Review, Part 1

Two Days to Whiter Teeth: Oral-B 3D White Review, Part 1

Oral-B’s new three-step whitening range, 3D White, claims to whiten your teeth in just two days. Now we know we don’t need to tell you that’s a big claim, but, well, that’s a big claim! So to save you spending on something that doesn't work, I'm doing the hard work for you and putting it to the test. Join me while I take you through exactly what needs to be done for a celebrity-looking smile in just two days. And remember, that’s without having to even think about the dentist. Bonus, right? Plus, Delta Goodrem has signed up as an ambassador, and we all know she has very pretty pearly whites! High hopes much? I hope not.

Now, I've already had a go of the revolutionary whitening strips to see how simple they are to use. I may have been slightly excited to try. . . Plus, we’re all time poor, so I wanted to check out what I was in for over the next two days. Something to note: I don't have overly stained teeth, but I still like to try at-home products. Only problem is, I seem to end up feeling slightly disappointed with the results, or I give up because some are just too hard to handle after a long day or before an early morning.

However, as soon as I used this, I can certainly say, none of them have been this quick, easy and discreet. There was none of that overnight, bulky mouth guard business (talk about lonely nights!) — I actually wore the strips this morning without my boyfriend even noticing. Even before work when everything seems to sit in the too-hard basket, the strips were as fuss-free as they sound.

I simply removed the plastic sheet from the individual wrapping (easy to take travelling or use on the go) and peeled each strip off before applying them to my top and bottom teeth. You simply place it on, lining the strip up with your gums so it stops where your teeth do, and tuck the excess over and behind. You only need to leave them on for 30 minutes, so once they're in place, you're good to get on with whatever else you need to do until sliding them out when you're done.

The taste is subtle and the strips so thin I could hardly notice I had them on. The toothpaste is fresh and very minty, and of course the mouthwash is the same flavour, but with a stronger taste. No stinging or burning feeling I often experience with others, though. Just be careful not to brush first. It has to go like this: whiten, brush and then rinse.

Oral-B's 3D White system works best when you put all the steps together, and perform them twice a day. And if my first trial is anything to go by, I don’t know why you wouldn’t make the switch and try this whitening range — I'm loving it.

I’ll keep you posted with my results tomorrow, but to start with, scroll down to see my before shot and a quick look at the products.

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