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Patrick Dempsey Interview on His New Fragrance

Patrick Dempsey Talks to Us About His Latest Scent

When Patrick Dempsey launched his first scent, Unscripted ($49.99), many were skeptical of yet another celeb fragrance hitting the market.

But we were wrong to question the seductive powers of McDreamy and thankfully, Patrick has been bitten by the fragrance bug once again.

His latest scent, Patrick Dempsey 2, which hits Oz in July 2010, pays tribute to the intimacy between two people. (That's Mrs. D, Jillian – Avon's Global Creative Color Director – in the ad campaign.)

And we can expect to see at least two more fragrances from Patrick in the future. Team Bella in the US sat down with the sexy actor (jealous much) to talk passion, lip gloss and how he likes a woman to smell.

Keep reading. . .I took Unscripted at home and now my boyfriend wears it. Jill is always bringing product home that I have to try.

Oh yeah, especially the lip gloss, right? Only if it’s cold and my lips are chapping.

And if it’s the right colour. That’s right. (Laughs)

Unscripted was about following your passions, so what's Patrick Dempsey 2 all about? I think it’s about the inspiration you get from being in a relationship and the power that comes from that; and the strength and the vulnerability as well. It’s the struggle in a relationship. It’s hard to get the time to keep growing in a relationship. You need time together, especially if you have children or you’re working all the time. How do you find time for a date night? And so that’s the whole concept behind 2.

This time around, what were your must haves and have-nots for this scent? 2 is a much bolder scent. Its classification would be an oriental-spicy. The different notes we had this time are a little stronger. It’s a little calmer, too. I think that’s the different direction than what we had than with Unscripted. For me, I really love the top notes. And when you put it on, the saffron, the nutmeg and the mandarin are really nice and it really pops; it’s very bold at the beginning. Then it starts to calm down. It’s a great calming cologne.

What made you decide to do another fragrance with Avon? We just had such a good time with the first one. And they were like, “Are you interested in doing another one?” and we’ve got some more coming in the future that we’re already working on. I really love the process. I love the team. I just really enjoy it and the challenge that it presents creatively. It’s like, "How do you come up with something you really like, and keep pushing it a little bit, and staying within the price points that we need to stay in?" So it’s a great challenge.

What kind of scents do you like on a woman? Nothing that’s too overpowering. There’s nothing worse than getting in the elevator and having someone that has way too much cologne on. I really like it when it’s subtle and it brings you to them. I think that’s the best approach.

Do you have certain memories that you associate with the scents in this fragrance? Are there certain reasons you selected what you did? The olibanum is a really interesting scent because you find that a lot in churches. It’s a calming smell and that’s something that reminds me of my childhood, and then the patchouli is another interesting smell that people kind of go either way with. In context with the cologne, it’s not as powerful. It’s not like the patchouli-based smell with someone who’s wearing Birkenstocks walking around. It’s just a beautiful scent and I think it’s completely misunderstood. Also, the fresh fig I find really really appealing . . . It reminds me of Italy . . . There’s something very sensual and sweet about it. So, putting all those scents together and finding the balance is very important.

How do you feel when you wear a scent? In Europe, people wear a lot more cologne than they do here in America. It’s another way of presenting yourself. It enters the room before you and lingers when you leave, and I think that’s an interesting thing. Hopefully, it’s something that people are enjoying, and it’s really great in the sense that when you spray it on, when people go, “What is that scent? I really like that.” It sort of brings them to you. It’s another way of dressing, I think.

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