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Patrick McCarthy Launches His Money and Her Money: Fragrances That Smell Like Money

The Mo' Money You Have the Mo' Harder You're Going to Work

We've already had one random fragrance story this week — wine that's bottled to look like perfume — and now here's another. Patrick McCarthy has just launched a fragrance and cologne called Her Money and His Money (approx $35 each) which both open with the crisp aroma of dollar bills. Like, real dollar bills. Umm, how/why is probably the question on your lips, right? Well, according to a Japanese study, workers become more efficient around the SMELL of money, so the idea is, you spritz a bit of this, work harder and hopefully you'll earn yourself some extra cash. Huh. We can guess what every boss is buying the team this Christmas.

Ps. The fragrance boxes feature REAL shredded money. Isn't that illegal? Or is it OK to shred money, just not burn it? Not that I intend to do either. I've got a Mulberry Alexa to pay off.

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