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Pears Soap Backs Down After Angry Facebook Campaign

Pears Backs Down After Angry Facebook Campaign

I love the original Pears soap, and so do a lot of people it seems, for when the company made changes to the 221-year-old formulation, people everywhere were up in arms. And what better way to vent their frustration than with a Facebook group called Bring Back The Original Pears Soap!?

People claim that the newer version of Pears is “disgusting” and “impossible to use,” but the main critique centred on the addition of chemicals to the formula, which had previously consisted of just eight ingredients.

A spokesman for Unilever, who manufacture the soap, said that even though the formulation changes were designed to “improve the product by increasing its moisturising qualities,” that, “after listening to feedback from Pears consumers in India and elsewhere, Hindustan Unilever has decided to alter the formula to one that more closely resembles the product that they are familiar with.” Who said you'd never be heard?

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