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Would You Ever Get a Perm . . . Seriously?

A friend of mine got a perm recently. No joke. Which is ironic as the first thing I wanted to do when I saw her was laugh.  And enquire if the cockroach I'd trodden on that morning had disrupted the universe somehow and transported me back in time. I should explain; I love my friend but she's not your usual trendsetting (or following) type. It takes a certain amount of je ne sais quois to pull off a perm. I mean – Aggy Deyn could do it, Beth Ditto could do it, Kate Moss – of course – could do it. But most normal girls have the potential to look like a retro reject.

My friend thought it was a perfectly sane choice: she was bored with perma-straight hair (oh how the other half live) and wanted a change; it hadn't occurred to her that most people's perm reactions are less than good, and that's putting it mildly. Suffice to say she's a bit over the perm-bashing and won't be repeating it. What do you think about perms?

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