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Poor Kelly Osbourne Got Sunburnt; Here Are Our Top Tips to Save You From Sunburn

A Painful Reminder From Kelly O That You Always Need SPF!

Ouch! We're feeling Kelly Osbourne's pain right about now — the poor love got sunburnt while hiking in Runyon Canyon Park in LA with her brother this week. We've all been there and it's not only painful, but "not cool" as Kelly points out, so always be sure to factor up, peeps.

Check out our top tips to save you from sunburn . . .

  • Look out for a sunscreen that provides both UVA (the main cause of long-term skin damage) and UVB protection (the rays that make you burn)
  • Always go with the highest possible SPF — in Australia this is SPF 30. Sun Protection Factor indicates how long you can be exposed to the sun without turning red. So, if you are someone who burns after 10 minutes and you apply SPF 30, you'll be shielded from turning red 30 times longer
  • Always wear sunscreen, even when it's cloudy — UV rays are a product of all natural light, not just direct sunlight
  • Remember to reapply — sunscreen can sweat or rub off of your skin, and even sunscreens that are water-resistant are only at their most effective if reapplied
  • Fake it to make it — be proud of your ivory skin like Kelly is, and if you want a golden glow fake it!
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