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Pro Surfer Sally Fitzgibbons Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Sally Fitzgibbons on How She Keeps Her Skin Looking Good

Sally Fitzgibbons is the first ever person to hold both the US and Australian Open of Surfing titles at the same time, but it's not just the water she's dominating. Having recently signed on with ModelCo as the brand's Youth Ambassador, Sally is making waves (no pun intended) in the beauty world too. Here, we talk to the 21-year-old about prepping for a big comp and battling the elements to keep her hair and skin in good condition. See how she does it when you read more.

Being a pro surfer, you definitely put your skin through it! How do you look after it? My skin definitely cops it being out in the sun and elements for the most part of the day, so it is really important to take good care of your skin and use quality products. I always pack loads of sunscreen on (I use Neutrogena as I've found them to hold up against some very harsh sun) and use an SPF water-based product by ModelCo called Fluid Splash ($62). It's awesome and I use it all the time. Of an evening I make sure I remove everything from my face and cleanse my skin with Neutrogena Oil-Free products. I also apply moisturiser after getting out of the water and of an evening.

How about your hair? How do you keep that in good condition with the sun and the salt? The natural highlights you get in your hair is a bit of bonus of being a surfer, but you can't control the sun and tell it to back off at times. So you have to take care of your hair as best as you can. I put leave-in conditioner through my hair when I come in from the surf and every few months I get my hairdresser to give me deep conditioning treatments which helps a lot.

What are your must-have makeup products when you're away from the surf? I'm always on the run moving between training, interviews and evening functions, so ModelCo Lashxtend Lengthening Mascara ($28) is perfect for my lifestyle — it doesn't run down my face when you go in the water, it just dissolves so no panda eyes for me. I love it!

You competed at the Australian Open of Surfing recently, how do you prepare for a big comp? Leading into big events I make sure I arrive at the location nice and early. I use those three or four day days to work out what the break is doing, where the best peak to surf in the contest is and what it does on high and low tides. I train hard up until a week or so out and then light work a few days out so I'm going in nice and fresh. I work out what boards go best on the wave I'll be competing on and then surf a bunch and explore the town I am in, get nice and settled. Then 5..4..3..2..1 your heat has begun!!

Image courtesy of Cardinal Spin

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