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Product Review: Olay Professional Pro-X Starter Protocol Part 2

SUGAR LAB: Olay Professional Pro-X Starter Protocol, Trial Part 2

MY NAME: Marguerite (aka AlphaSugar), in photo above

AGE: 46 (the doorstep to 50)

SKIN PROFILE: Oily T-zone with under-eye dryness; pores you could drive a truck through; over-exercised frown and laugh lines; skin discolouration

THE WAKE-UP CALL: When I turned 40, I was greeted with what I now refer to as the “perfect storm”. Sounds dramatic; however, for me, all wasn’t 40 and fabulous. My invincible 20s and 30s left me a bit worse for wear: knees and spine shot from aerobicising like a springbok, sun-spot clusters on my nose, temples and cheeks from aerobicising too much in the great outdoors like a springbok, and facial tea-staining and loss of skin elasticity courtesy of extreme hormone fluctuations (successive IVF cycles) in the wake of my maternal instincts colliding with my biological clock.

The days of profoundly basic skincare (water, washcloth and swipe of moisturiser)—and doing absolutely anything with abandon—were well and truly over for me.

FACING FACTS: Aware that I need some hi-tech ammo to support my youth rally, I proactively seek out news, info and innovations designed to help me slather, slop, sip and swallow my way younger. And as part of Team Sugar, I am first to volunteer for such missions. Though Pop and I wrestle for some of these assignments, as the elder on Team Sugar, I pull the ole “Age needs Beauty” often.

To see if Marguerite was successful in turning back the clock, read on...

28 DAYS TO YOUNGER SKIN: Like Pop, I too had heard the buzz about Olay Pro-X; and on a trip to the states last year, I hit up every mega-drugstore in downtown San Francisco in a 10-block radius to find the goods were SOLD OUT. Talk about the laws of supply and demand wreaking havoc on my gotta-have-it beauty addiction. Now that Olay Pro-X is here in Australia, I can get up close and see what the fuss has been about.

In my business, I try many skincare products—but mostly mix and match—rarely following a regimen. Hope doesn’t come in a single tub o' cream. I’m a true believer in products that specialise and function like a system. That’s why, at first glance, the Pro-X three-prong starter kit appealed: day lotion with SPF15, eye cream and night cream. They’re all designed to work independently, yet together.

Okay, confession time...I get bored with product when I don’t see instant results. Luckily I got the instant feedback I needed from the Olay Pro-X day lotion. It has a luminescent quality that improves skin texture on the spot and works beautifully with mineral makeup for a near flawless finish. This instant brightness paired with the muscle of the restorative night cream progressed to an overall resilience in my skintone particularly around my cheeks and forehead, softening fine lines and supporting the sag.

I was extremely diligent with my skincare during the 28 days and nights on Pro-X: exfoliated every other day so creams could penetrate skin layers rather than sit atop the dead cells; double–cleansed to remove all traces of makeup and grime so the products could transform me; and drank two litres of water daily so the products didn’t have to fight an uphill battle.

When I put this experience into perspective, the sheer economics of this starter kit—let alone the effectiveness of the products—are praiseworthy. For $99, you can sample three clinically proven anti-ageing skincare products to see if they work for you without investment dread.

THE ABOUT-FACE: Now the reactions of others and how my confidence grew during this trial period are just as important as the results I saw in the mirror. Unsolicited remarks from my husband were awesome: “Wow, your skin looks great!” … “New makeup?” To which I did my usual hand fan over the face exclaiming, “This...doesn’t just happen!” Love to keep him guessing.

And the piece de resistance, during the course of my face refresher, I got the dreaded invitation to my 30th high school reunion. That’s right...30th. Then the countless classmates wanting to friend me on Facebook washed in. A quick update of my Facebook profile pic in the midst of my newly improved facade and voila...instant envy from the Class of 1980. Beat that!

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blondie1973 blondie1973 7 years
Olay Professional Pro-X Starter looks like a great product.I tried to get one of the samples to try.All the samples apparently had gone in 7 minutes. :(
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