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Product Reviews on BellaSugar Asutralia: CAREFREE® FLEXIA® Tampon Reviews

Reader Reviews: CAREFREE® FLEXIA® Pamper Pack

A little while ago we put a call out for Sugar members to join us on the CAREFREE® challenge and see what a difference added protection can make to their lives. We heard nothing but rave reviews for the CAREFREE® FLEXIA® tampons and a lucky few were treated to a CAREFREE® FLEXIA® Pamper Pack, complete with chocolates, candles, bath salts and, of course, the trusty tampons . . .

Kimberliew said:

"The Carefree Flexia Pamper Pack can be summed up in one word: bliss. The Ferrero Rondnoir chocolates were a decadent indulgence while I soaked in the tub scented with Frangipani Bath Crystals, illuminated by the candlelight of the French Pear Soy Candle. I followed the bath with a cup of T2 Brisbane Breakfast loose leaf tea. As I said, bliss. I was a little dubious about the claims of the Carefree Flexia tampons to reduce leakage, but I was pleasantly surprised. The new soft-folds were highly effective and leakage was non-existent. I would definitely recommend all of these products, especially the tampons."

Keep reading . . .Zepudding had this to say:

"Wow amazing, who would have thought that you could put wings on tampons! The tampon looks a bit strange at first but the wings do not add much bulk. What else can I say, I felt nice, dry and confident when using them! The wings catch all the flow and they were very comfortable to use. I do really wish it came with an applicator though, would make the already fantastic product perfect. Definitely a must try for all tampon users!"

Missy1632 said:

"I will NEVER go through 'that time of the month' without Carefree Flexia and their innovative soft fold wings!! I have never been able to trust a product not to leak, so I would always wear a pad, or at the least a liner when using a tampon. But, that is no more thanks to Carefree Flexia! "

Daysofourlives thought:

"Upon receiving my pamper pack, a huge smile spread across my face and couldn’t help but squeal with excitement, and at ‘that-time-of-the-month,’ what could be better than having some amazing tampons and other goodies arrive at your doorstep? Previously, I had only used tampons 2-4 times as I was always apprehensive about inserting things in certain places. All I can say is, I ADORE these tampons and am certainly a pad to tampon convert. Pads, in short, are messy, uncomfortable, don’t allow tight-fitting clothes and bring that fact that you have your period to mind when you get that stuffy and/or itchy feeling. These tampons were the right size for a heavy flow, silky smooth and oh-so easy in terms of insertion. It’s unbelievable that wearing these tampons makes me feel like I don’t have a period at all – I almost forgot to remove it once, I hadn’t remembered that it was in!

I think the Flexia wings really help in stoping all leakages – something that’s awkwardly happened with other tampons. It’s also ridiculously easy to remove and change, but lasts for ages so you’re not spending a lifetime in the bathroom doing so. The small packs are so portable in my handbag and it makes so much sense to keep a little pack in the handbag for those “just in case” times. I’m definitely a fan and have found myself a new way to make my period are more bearable, so I can get on with my activities and not have to worry about it! What’s more, I think my boyfriend will approve, because I will be a lot less cranky! Thanks BellaSugar and Carefree!"

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