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Product Reviews: CAREFREE® FLEXIA® Tampon Reviews

Reader Reviews: CAREFREE® FLEXIA® Tampons

Today the Reader Review Panel peeps are revealing what they thought about CAREFREE® FLEXIA® tampons . . .

"First things first, can I just say how much I love the packaging! The silver box makes the tampons easy to find in your bag — they're not all over the place — but it's discreet. I've had bright green, yellow and orange tampons fly out of my bag at the WORST times. So embarrassing! And so obvious!! I've had leaks in the past so to be honest, I was sceptical that the new Carefree tampons would be any different. But I've gotta say I was impressed. Even in the first few days of my period, when I'm at my heaviest, the tampon caught everything. Not a single leak!" — bo1975

"I really liked the new Carefree Flexia tampons! The flexible wings really did make a difference – I’m usually paranoid about potential leaks but it’s amazing what a little bit more protection can do. It’ll be hard to go back to non-wing tampons now!" — rainbowskittles

"Wearing white is a no-go for me when I'm on my period. I just wouldn't dream of it. Not unless I was wearing a tampon and pad. But the CAREFREE tampons worked so well on the first day that I dared to wear white on Day 2! I can't believe that such a tiny thing is so super absorbent, but it is! Totally life changing!" — Roxy29

Keep reading . . ."To be honest, my periods are never that heavy. I never leak so I don't have too many problems finding a tampon that works. But my sister does. So we both tried the Carefree Flexia tampons to see what we thought. They worked fine for me, which, as I said, isn't unusual, but she was also really impressed. While she'd probably buy the Supers, not the Regulars, she said they were the best regular tampons that she'd ever tried. Normally she wouldn't dream of using a regular tampon because it wouldn't catch enough of the flow, but these did. We're both impressed and would use them again." — nessstar

"I wish they made CAREFREE FLEXIA tampons with an applicator. That is the only thing I'd change! I love them but I'm just not a fan of tampons without applicators." — sassy1984

"Oh my god. I'm in love. With a tampon! Seriously, I'm normally not one to talk about tampons and periods, but with these, I literally wanted to tell everyone about them. Strangers at the bus stop, people in line for a coffee, anyone! Because I wanted them to know HOW good they are! They've changed my life, not only have I found a good tampon but now I'm one of those people who talk about tampons and periods all the time! Ha ha!" — bondi1

"Carefree are reliable and comfortable and boast everything you need from a tampon. Having the monthly blues wasn’t so bad with these to rely on — I felt like I could depend on them no matter how heavy my flow." — Fountainrose81

"These tampons did an amazing job. They're easy to apply, comfortable to wear and most importantly, they offer great protection. Have recommended to all of my friends." — bb65

"Pros: The tampon was small and discreet, and the wing technology didn't make it as bulky as I was expecting; I found that they were comfortable to wear and did protect me quite well. Cons: I did leak slightly, but I think that was down to not have the right absorbency level, not the tampon not working." — Salstar

"I like Carefree Flexia tampons because I wear a lot of white dresses and it absorbs EVERYTHING so there’s no danger of embarrassing leaks. They stay in place and are super easy to use. The only thing that would make them even better is if they had an applicator. Otherwise they’re fabulous!" — Kylie

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