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Product Reviews: CLEAN & CLEAR Deep Action In-Shower Facial

In the Sugar Spotlight: CLEAN & CLEAR® Deep Action In-Shower Facial

You've already read some rave reviews for CLEAN & CLEAR® Deep Action In-Shower Facial but they just keep rolling in, so we just had to share some more! Check out what Lauren and co. thought of this fabulous 60-second in-shower facial, and join the Sugar Spotlight today if you want to see your name up here in lights!

"I've personally never really been a big fan of these DIY facial products — until now. The CLEAN & CLEAR Deep Action In-Shower Facial is amazing. You can feel the micro-beads reaching deep into your pores and really cleansing your skin. At first it left a tingling sensation on my face, but after I washed it off my skin has never felt so refreshed. I am in love with this product; a definite 10/10." — Lauren

"I was very impressed with the product and so was my best friend — we will certainly be buying it again when we run out." — Molly

"I have been trying to find a solution to my breakouts for a while now and have tried every different product available on the market. I tried the CLEAN & CLEAR Deep Action In-Shower Facial, using it every second or third day and within a week I noticed a big difference. My skin felt tighter, cleaner and softer and best of all it didn’t leave me with any dry skin patches. I will definitely continue to use the product!" — Matthew

More product reviews . . ."The CLEAN & CLEAR Deep Action In-Shower Facial left my face feeling clean, fresh and invigorated. It didn't get rid of any blemishes but my skin felt particularly soft after each use. Thanks for the opportunity, Bella." — Sumra

"I love products that work while you're trying to multi-task — especially in the shower! I usually like to feel the grittiness of products that say they'll exfoliate your skin, however I didn't mind that the beads in the In-Shower Facial were a little more subtle since it acts like a face mask. After I rinsed it off my skin felt a little tighter, as it usually does after using facial-type products, but also very clean. It's very convenient to use and great as a little extra something to add to your skincare routine." — Kristie

"I love it! Unlike other exfoliators, it doesn't leave my skin red and raw. It does a thorough job while being gentle enough to use every day, even on my sensitive skin." — Elly

"This is a product I will definitely continue to use past the trial period and will re-purchase once it's finished! I do a lot of exercise and therefore am prone to sweat spots and breakout across my forehead and cheeks — this is one of the only products that has smoothed out the bumps, leaving me with a much clearer complexion. Thanks Bella!" — Anna

"I trialled CLEAN & CLEAR Deep Action In-Shower Facial and I really enjoyed using it. The scrub-like texture renewed and soothed the feeling of my skin, leaving it feeling perfect and not oily. By just leaving it in the shower made it a reliable product which I'll be sure to keep using. I also appreciated the double pack which gave my sister the opportunity to also use it. Our feelings were mutual towards the product." — Ellena

"My skin wasn’t suited to the wash, probably due to the fact that my skin is used to more natural products. The second product you gave me however, I gave to my brother who is fourteen and prone to breakouts. He loved it — even I noticed that his skin looked clearer! It helped to clear away most of the breakouts on his forehead and the rest of his face was clear! His only dislike was the smell but he’s willing to deal with that as he loves what the product did for his skin." — Natasha

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