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Product Reviews: CLEAN & CLEAR Deep Action In-Shower Facial 2011-04-06 15:20:22

In the Sugar Spotlight: CLEAN & CLEAR® Deep Action In-Shower Facial

Our busy bees from the Sugar Spotlight just reviewed CLEAN & CLEAR® Deep Action In-Shower Facial and by the sounds of it, this little baby is going to become a permanent fixture in beauty cupboards around Australia! In the Sugar Spotlight today, we have Mandy with her excellent review. Congratulations, Mandy!

"We all love a facial, right? Well if you’re like me, you do. And if you are like me, you’re also on a pretty tight budget. That’s where Clean & Clear’s Deep Action In-Shower Facial comes in! I really liked the packaging, which looked clean and fresh. The product itself has a thick, creamy texture; it’s like a cross between a scrub and a mask. After leaving it on for about a minute, I wash it off, leaving me with smooth, clean skin that feels cool and refreshed. After using this product for a few weeks my skin is looking great, very clear and blemish-free! I think it's a fantastic cleanser, definitely one of my new favourites! It's affordable and leaves my skin looking amazing. I’ll absolutely buy it again." — Mandy

Keep reading . . ."I wasn't expecting much out of this product, but it's turned out to be my best friend. You can feel the beads scrub across your face as it exfoliates. The only problem is that it leaves my face feeling a bit tingly, but most facial creams do for me. My skin felt open as if it was breathing when I finished with the product and it left me feeling relaxed and refreshed." — Cassie

"This little beauty just takes a minute extra in the shower. I rotate this with my normal cleanser that I use every other day and with an exfoliating scrub once a week. After a tingling sensation I do a mini-massage to work in the beads and then rinse. I noticed this doesn’t work as well unless you have a shower that is quite warm, but overall this product is a great time-saver." — Kieu

"I am a sucker for facials, though regularly treating your skin to the latest exotic potions and treatments can prove costly and time consuming. Enter: Clean & Clear Deep Action In-Shower Facial. Apply the cleanser to your face before stepping into the shower, then let steam work its magic to open up your pores and cleanse. Leave on for one minute, rub in gently and then rinse — easy! Although I was initially concerned about the slightly greasy consistency and rough exfoliating bubbles (my skin tends to roll on the oily side and is pretty sensitive), after using this product I was left with glowing, healthy-looking skin. This gem has earned a permanent place in my beauty cupboard." — Rebecca

"When I first received this item I was hesitant to try it as I've always stuck to using the same in-shower face scrub, however after trying it I'm officially addicted! The texture of this product is just right, not too soapy and not too rough on your face. It exfoliates, removes dirt and leftover makeup, and best of all it smells amazing! After using it in the shower for the first week I could already see my skin smoother and fresher and there was no visible dry skin. I also gave my best friend the bottle to try and she loved it." — Lesley

"I have a confession — I'm a skincare-product addict. As soon I see anything new, I can’t help but buy it, so I was stoked when I received this product. It’s super easy to use with almost no waiting time — you can just leave it on while washing your hair in the shower and voilà, silky smooth skin! It’s like a facial in a tube without the price tag or having to leave home! Heavenly!" — Alex

"I used this three times a week as instructed and I felt slight tingling when massaging my face with it, which probably is a result of AHA that features in this product. I'm not a big fan of fragranced product, but this mild scent smells very nice and not overwhelming. The small exfoliating beads certainly worked their magic, and my face feels very soft, smooth and refreshed after use. I would recommend this quick, easy-to-use one minute in-shower facial product to people who have combination skin and want a smoother skin texture. I felt my skin is more refined and brightened after the one-week trial. I would definitely purchase it again and recommend to my friends." — Fay

"At first I was a bit put off of trying this product due to the sunburn alert (because of the AHAs) but then I realised that people should protect their skin anyway and my moisturiser has an SPF. I used this product every two to three days, but I could feel the softness of my skin after the first use because the face wash I normally use leaves my skin feeling dry and in need of moisturiser. Since adding this to product my usual routine I have noticed a decrease in blemishes and blackheads. I will be using this product permanently." — Amanda

"The idea of an deep action, in-shower facial is just genius! In the shower, I could feel the product working on my skin as it made my face feel a bit warm and tingly. After leaving it on for around a minute, I washed it off. My skin instantly looked more radiant and felt smoother. However, it hasn't done much to unclog my pores or calm breakouts." — Kelly

"When I first used it — and still now — I am quite unsettled by the sunburn warning, but I avoid the sun anyway so tried not to stress about it. The first time I used it, it kind of smelled strong and felt tingly on my face but the bead texture in this is PERFECT. It cleans out my pores like no other exfoliator and it's not abrasive either! The whole in-shower concept is amazing — I really dislike washing my face or putting masque and not being able to rinse it in the shower. My friend also was happy with the results and said it was invigorating, fresh, handy, effective, competitively-priced, pleasant-smelling and innovative." — Maria

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