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Product Reviews: L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer on BellaSugar

Reader Reviews: L’Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer

It is PAR-TAY season and it's about time you got prepped and primed. If you're a newbie (welcome!), our Reader Review Panel is made up of delightful members like yourself who we send out products to trial and review on BellaSugar. And Christmas definitely came early this week when we asked the Reader Review peeps for their verdict on the L'Oréal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer ($39.95) . . .

Autumns_Elegy thought:

"This primer was the absolute bomb. It stood up to late nights out, long working days and humidity. The product went on smoothly and a little bit went a long way, so it’s awesome value. It didn’t reduce the fine lines around my eyes, but it banished pores completely, and didn’t clog them up; it also washed off easily with a regular cleanser, making makeup removal easy as. I’m definitely hanging onto this product and definitely buying this!"

Unicorn73 had this to say:

"I'm very impressed by the results I experienced after using L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer. This putty-like primer performed best when I spent a bit of extra time working it in really well, and a little went a long way. The results were immediate—my skin was very smooth, my skin-tone was evened out and fine lines and pores seemed to have disappeared. My makeup went on smoothly and my skin looked younger without the fine lines! This is the best primer I've tried so far, and I'd certainly purchase it in the future."

Keep reading . . .Aleahjane said:

"When I received the primer I thought due to its size, that it would be hard to use—I was wrong. The product was very easy to use and to apply to my face. The product really makes a difference to the longevity of my makeup. When I first applied the primer I thought it was way too gritty to work but as my fingers warmed up the product it became more pliable and it went on my face smoothly. Straight away I could feel that the makeup was going to last longer because it gave the makeup a matte surface to stick to. Overall the product gets a ‘thumbs up’ from me. I would buy this product and use it."

Flowerpowers had this to say:

"The primer is a thick, pale-pink cream and you only need a very small amount to do a good job! I made a mistake the first time and used too much, and only the smallest amount is needed to cover your face and give you smooth, pore-less and line-less skin. My makeup both went on better and lasted longer, too!  It smoothed out my skin and the foundation glided on super quickly. My wrinkles were decreased and I felt I looked younger and better. I am still using it and will continue to use it as a staple in my daily beauty and makeup regime. It's good value for money, but remember only use the smallest amount and you get flawless skin. I liked the packaging, as you get out just the amount you needed. I love it just the way it is!"

Biarose said:

"I used this product on both me, and my mother, since she would be able to say whether it improved the appearance of her wrinkles or not. It was easy to apply and had a really nice texture and silky feel to it. It definitely helped both of our makeup to stay on longer; I was amazed that my skin didn’t look shiny by the end of the day. It definitely smoothed my skin, and made the large pores around my nose area less noticeable. My mum noticed that it filled in her wrinkles, so they were less noticeable under the makeup. When you apply it, it gives the skin a really matte look straight away, and it lasts the whole day! My mum actually got a compliment on how nice her makeup looked. I personally don’t think I’ll keep using it, only because I generally look for natural products, but I know that my mum is going to keep using it."

Emxly said:

"As I described it to my friends, this primer is just whipped heaven in a jar. The texture of the product is like that of a marshmallow and it did wonders to smooth out (and soften) my skin. Initially I was a little disappointed with the sizing of the jar, but I was wrong to be judgemental. The product itself is very light and you only need a small amount per use, so the sizing is spot on. This primer just shows that you can still get good quality products from drug store brands like L'Oreal! I've recommended this to all my girlfriends—it's an absolute steal at $39.95!"

Here's what Chocolatelace thought of it:

"Thank you to BellaSugar for giving me the opportunity to trial this L’Oreal Studio Secrets Primer! This is a primer housed in a little glass pot that’s an opaque pink colour but goes on clear. The texture is smooth and velvety without making me feel like a grease-ball. This product helped in filling my medium-sized pores and fine lines and also reduced shine the T-zone. It also improved my foundation wear without a cakey look. The 15ml jar retails for $39.95 which is pricey for the small amount, and I found that I used up a significant amount of this product quickly. I would reserve this primer for going out/special events only for this reason. I’m also not a fan of pots—it’s a bit unhygienic and I’d prefer a squeeze tube/pump. However, I would re-purchase this primer based on its performance and I highly recommend it for dry/combo skin. 8.5/10!"

Chronosphinx said:

"An elegant product in a glass jar makes it feel more expensive than it actually is. It is a soft peach in colour and silky to the touch. It truly embodies what a primer is by smoothing out my skin, making it a perfect base for makeup. It is easy to apply—just apply with your finger tips and smooth on a little after your moisturiser. When I have it on, my makeup just glides on. It lasts longer and looks better too. If you've never used a primer before, it's prime time to start with this glorious luxury in a jar!"

Daysofourlives had this to say:

"I’ve never really owned a primer before and have always been open to something that could smooth out my skin, even if I don’t wear foundation. This product has real potential, despite a couple of setbacks. The little glass jar is ADORABLE and oh-so-portable. Handbag friendly? I think so. The texture of this primer is lovely—I do enjoy the fluffiness, but was quite taken aback about how it was troublesome to spread and a tad sticky, especially if not blended properly. Perhaps the process was best done with a brush, but I did it with my fingers. Apart from this, the formula itself works incredibly well. My pores were less noticeable and the skin’s surface was gorgeously smooth! My foundation also stayed on a lot longer despite my skin’s usual oiliness. Overall, I would absolutely repurchase, and hopefully they might reconsider the application/stickiness factor. A little goes along way so the size of the product is just fine and I’ll definitely keep using this. I think that at its retail price it doesn’t look enough, but only with use would you find out that it is value for money and more than enough. Different packaging options might be beneficial. I always have and always will trust L’Oreal for simple, affordable skincare and makeup solutions. Why pay for pricey items when this primer does what it says and works so effectively."

Melmeko said:

"This primer with its thick, velvet-like texture glides on easily, instantly working its magic. The invisible, lightweight formula brightens and evens my complexion, while disguising any imperfections. It smooths pores, softens wrinkles and allows my foundation to adhere flawlessly, which then stays put without settling into any lines. It isn’t greasy, instead it has a mattifying effect that prevents shine and additionally there’s no irritation to my sensitive skin. It’s the perfect dupe for my current primer so I say move over Clarins, L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer is shifting in to take the number one position."

Bestmelody thought:

"Upon opening the mysterious package at my door I was thrilled to see I'd been chosen to review the new L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer. I have never tried a primer before so was a lovely thing to trial. It was very easy to apply and did help my makeup staying put instead of fading within a few hours. It made my skin feel very smooth and surprisingly help hide those awful lip lines. It would be better in a bigger jar but you don't need heaps. It was presented well in glass and it smells pretty good; I will be continuing to use it now I've tried it. Great product."

Teek727 had this to say:

"The texture was unusual, fluffy but slightly grainy, a little hard to spread evenly but once on the skin, pretty smooth and nice feeling. It didn’t break me out or irritate my (sensitive) skin, and it kept my tinted moisturiser even and matte all day—not oily whatsoever. There was almost no smell, which was good for me, but unfortunately they coloured the product pink. I don’t know that I’d pay $39.95 for such a small jar (and I’d rather a tube than a jar—more hygienic and useable) but that said, I only had to use a tiny amount of product. Overall, reasonably impressed."

Morristhecow said:

"I love this product! I had never used a primer before but now I’m addicted. I couldn't stop touching my face after I applied it—my skin was so smooth and soft! My makeup lasted all day and this magic cream concealed my pores and laugh lines. The only negative I could say is that when I saw the size of the container I thought $39.95 was a lot of money for the quantity of product, however having used the product and knowing that a little goes a very long way I would pay that price."

Tegania thought:

"The first thing that struck me with this primer was the texture! It is so soft, and it feels like velvet when you apply it. I don’t have many wrinkles on my face, so I applied it to the wrinkles on my hand and it filled all the cracks, it looked like my hand had been air-brushed. On my face I applied the product using my fingers to where I have large pores, and I found that as I applied it, I couldn’t get even application. This primer did however help my make-up to look amazing when applied, so that is a massive plus! I don’t think that I will continue to use this primer after the trial, due to the fact that application is frustrating. Also, as the packaging is in a tub, it is less hygienic than a tube or pump. I do however love the airbrushing effect that it gives, so maybe when I get wrinkles I will give it another go! Thank you so much Bella for giving me the chance to try L'Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer. I have high expectations for L'Oreal products and not having tried a primer before I was so excited to try it at last. It has lived up to those expectations and more."

Blondie1973 had this to say:

"I thought the primer smelt quite nice and I ended up using tiny amounts at a time on my fingertips and gently worked it into my face. It felt so good, even the first time I used it and then the more I used the primer the better my face looked. I noticed that my skin tone had evened out a lot. It was very easy to use as well. I would love to see the pot a bit bigger though, but despite that I will definitely will be buying this again. Well worth the money, it is a truly amazing product. I have been recommending it to my friends, too, because all I've been doing is feeling my face all the time and because my face feels so nice."

Rainbowskittles said:

"As someone who doesn’t wear foundation often, I just used the L’Oreal primer over my moisturiser. As I applied it, the product had a fluffy sort of texture that melted into my skin pretty quickly, and I was amazed at how soft and smooth my skin felt afterwards! Almost to the point where I couldn’t stop touching it. I also used it on my eyelids underneath my eye makeup, and while I found the colour of my eyeshadow had still faded by the end of the day, there was hardly any creasing. I think this product will last me a while because I don’t use that much of it each time, and while I liked it on my actual face, for my eyes I think I prefer a primer without a mousse-like texture."

Fountainrose81 said:

"I felt the L’Oreal primer made my base makeup feel more secure. I occasionally use a lightweight foundation and always use bronzer, so having a primer kept everything in place without that 3pm “oh-god-what’s-happened-to-my-face” feeling. Creases were filled, my skin felt smooth and there was no added shine thanks to the mousse-like texture. I’ll be adding this to my everyday makeup routine without a doubt!"

Iloveny thought:

"I'm a primer addict, so I was really interested in trying the L’Oreal Paris Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer. I found the texture to be a little different from what I am normally used to in a primer, and initially I applied a little too much, which caused it to crumble. However, once I had smoothed it over my face I was pleasantly surprised. It left my skin feeling silky soft and my foundation went on like a dream. At only $39.95 it’s reasonably priced and I would definitely purchase it in the future! Thanks Bella!"

Kimberliew said:

"Over the last week I have been using the L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Resurfacing Primer under my foundation and have found the product to be effective, particularly around the sensitive eye area. My foundation went on easier, lasted longer, the skin looked smoother and less wrinkly, and there was no sticky residue or reaction to my skin. The tub is quite small, however you only need a small amount as the foam-like primer goes a long way. It has a pleasant scent and consistency, however I did find application a little daunting as I didn’t have any instructions. All in all, a good primer at a good price. I will definitely recommend this product to others!"

Bondibabe had this to say:

"I first learned about makeup primer when I lived in LA. An actress friend told me about it and it completely changed my life. I have a really pricey brand that I use only for special occasions but since the L’Oreal Studio Secrets primer is SO much more affordable, I’ll definitely use it every day. It’s all about the silicone oil—it smooths you out and makes your face look flawless. It’s like Photoshop in a jar!"

Maccah thought:

"I usually use a liquid-gel primer so I was interested to try a mousse-like one to see if that would be lighter as I do find my other one can be a bit heavy. It was definitely lighter and I was surprised by how little of the product you actually need—I did notice that if you apply too much, it can feel a little lumpy but it’s nice to know that you get more for your money by using just a little amount! I find that I have quite open pores on my nose and across my chin and I’m quite conscious about them, but when I used this and applied my foundation over the top, I could see such a big difference. My skin was totally smooth and my foundation didn’t emphasise the pores anymore. I’ll definitely continue to use."

Bananafrappe had this to say:

"I’m a big convert to the wonder of primers, and was keen to test out L’Oreal’s Studio Secrets. I found it to be fantastic for filling and smoothing the skin, and my face felt like it had a velvety finish after applying. The texture of the cream at first is slightly thick to touch, and whilst smoothing over the skin, it kind of rolls into lumps—which was off putting, but if you continue to rub in, the primer disappears into the skin without trace. I found it did help keep my makeup on, but most impressive was the smoothing and filling of fine lines and imperfections in my skin. My foundation went on flawlessly, and stayed fresher for longer! Big thumbs up from me."

Jenjen1 said:

"I expect a lot from a primer. Not because I am picky when it comes to beauty products, but because I expect my make-up to last all day long to cover my uneven skin tone and blemishes. When I received my L’Oreal Primer sample, I couldn’t wait to test it out. It was in a cute little jar, however it was exactly that—little! Although I didn’t need to use too much with each application. The texture of the primer was really soft and ‘cushiony’, kind of like a marshmallow! However I found the texture a little hard to smooth out on my face as it’s not as runny as other primers or moisturisers that I’m used to. Once I applied my foundation it gave my face a smooth matte look which I loved, especially since I have oily skin. Will I continue to use the L’Oreal Primer? Sure. For $39.95 I think it’s good value for money, and by not having to re-apply my foundation I am saving money from that too! I love, love, love the matte finish after using this primer."

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