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Product Reviews of Nair Salon Divine Precision Facial Wax Kit 2011-04-14 20:41:19

In the Sugar Spotlight: Nair Salon Divine Precision Facial Wax

Our reviewers from The Sugar Spotlight have had a busy few weeks! Up now is Nair Salon Divine Precision Facial Wax Kit ($15.99) . . . get the lowdown on what our readers had to say, including the how easy it was to apply and how much time it saved them! And today the Sugar Spotlight is shining on Anissa thanks to her informative review! Congratulations, Anissa!

"If you're someone like me who likes to DIY as many beauty tasks as possible, you've probably always wanted to wax your own brows but been too scared to. I've always been worried that I'd take off a huge chunk of my eyebrow so I've resorted to plucking strays and visiting a professional when I need shaping done. You can imagine my delight when I received this to trial. It's a great little pen with a roller ball applicator that makes it really easy to get the wax exactly where I want it. I haven't had any eyebrow disasters with this pen. It's easy to use and very effective. I highly recommend this for anyone who likes to DIY." — Anissa

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"I haven't waxed my eyebrows for a while but with this tool I will be doing it all the time. The mini strips that you cut to match your own eyebrow shape were easy to apply while the wax heats up quickly in a cup of hot water. Two weeks later my regrowth is much better than tweezing and I highly recommend to anyone with a fear of DIY waxing!"— Emma

"Thanks for the opportunity to review the Nair Salon Divine Precision Facial Wax Kit. After many unsuccessful attempts to master home facial wax kits, I was surprised at how easy this product was to use. I love the roll-on applicator and the wax washed off quickly with water leaving no sticky residue. The preparation was OK, but I would prefer to heat the wax up in a microwave or even use as a cold wax. The best bit for me was the great result — no sensitivity, the hairs were removed easily and there was enough product left over for several applications. It is fantastic value for money and I would happily purchase this again." — Sandy

"Thank you so much for sending the new Nair kit for me to try out. I was so impressed with how easy it was to use and the fact that it saved me a trip to the salon — I love the convenience! It's a very affordable and innovative product and I will definitely use it again and recommend it to my friends to try." — Danielle

"The roll-on applicator worked marvellously on my eyebrows and upper lip. I cut down the strips provided for my eyebrows and with the wooden stick applicator separated hairs. The wax was effective in removing all hair growth and left my face soft and without any trace of redness. An easy-to-use product from Nair especially suited to a quick clean up of facial hair." — Tracy

"I’m somebody who rarely has time to make it to the beautician to get my eyebrows waxed on a weekend so more often than not they get to the stage where I need to quickly pluck them at home. This product is really innovative and I loved how the wax glided on with ease. It did take a few tries to get the more stubborn hairs out but I will definitely continue to use this product. Thanks, Bella!" — Serena

"I was really excited to try the Nair product as I thought it would be great for touch-ups in between salon visits. It came with really clear instructions that worked and required little effort — two minutes in boiling water and my wax (which was pretty and pink!) was ready to go. It applied really smoothly and didn’t go everywhere. When it came to removing it wasn't as great as I’d hoped, it often took a few efforts to remove hairs. This could be just my technique so I’m going to persevere with it as I think it’s a great idea." — Elizabeth

"I tried the wax over the weekend and was really surprised at what a great product this is. I unfortunately need to wax my lip and have been using hot wax pans which you heat on the stove. This was so much easier to use, although I found the wax spilled out of the roller the first couple of times until it spread more thinly on the skin. It’s super sticky to touch but washes out like a dream. I look forward to using it again soon and ditching my old wax pans!" — Claire

"I found the Nair wax a little messy, but it was easy to apply and did a great job at pulling out stray hairs without irritating my sensitive skin. There's plenty in the tube to last you a while, so it's great value for money. I'm more of a plucker than a waxer, but this makes the job so much quicker! — Elly

"Although we don't like to talk about it, most of us have unwanted hair somewhere on our face. You've probably also tried every product known to man in your quest to get rid of it. Nair Salon Divine Precision Facial Wax Kit assists you in removing eyebrow, upper lip and most general facial hair. The small, easy-squeeze tube makes the roll-on applicator a breeze to use. One quick application and I was left with perfect brows and no long-lasting redness. The only downside was that the Eyebrow Definition Spatula (to help with precision around the eyebrow area) was cracked and splintered. No way was that going near my eyes! Overall, this is a brilliant product that is easy to use, fragrance-free, kind on my skin and washes clean with warm water. It is well worth a try." — Naomi

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