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Product Reviews of Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser

Reader Reviews: Neutrogena Deep Clean® Cream Cleanser

Drum roll, please! Today, we're unveiling our special Reader Review Panel. A what? A who? Sssh now, and I'll tell you more. Our Reader Review Panel is a group of everyday guys and girls (OK, mainly girls) who we have asked to try some product for us/you. How do we all benefit from this wonderful scheme? Well, my skin (and typing hands) get a rest for a second, and you, well you get to see what "real women" think about it. Then you might go, hang on a tickety-boo, that sounds like it will suit me, too! See we're all about the matchmaking business here.

The product in their hands most recently was Neutrogena Deep Clean® Cream Cleanser ($13.87) and here are their thoughts . . .

Unicorn73 said:

"The first thing I noticed was the thick and creamy consistency and that a little went a long way—combined with the generous size (200g) of the tube at $13.87—what great value for money. My skin felt like it was getting a thorough clean and as I applied moisturiser, I noticed that my pores looked smaller. My face definitely looked healthier and smoother after I used this."

Keep reading. . .Nessabella thought:

"My skin is usually quite oily in the t-zone and red around my cheeks; however, since using Deep Clean, my skin seems less oily and has evened out in colour."

Kimberliew had this to say:

"Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser certainly lives up to its name. The thick cream massages easily into my skin and removes the day's makeup. My skin felt soft after each use and there was no oily residue or irritation. I will definitely keep using this product!"

Just Topaz said:

"Most cleansers leave my face feeling greasy and grimy rather than CLEAN. But this worked better than some gentle exfoliants or double cleansing rituals I’ve used in terms of getting that smooth, fresh feeling."

Here's what Theloveofpink thought of it:

"Deep Clean has that tingling feeling—tingling as in refreshing and cooling, NOT a burning feeling! I do wish it would lather a bit more, but I suppose that would take away from its delicious creamy texture. I have oily, sensitive skin and this gave me a deep cleanse without stripping or harshness. All up, I would wholeheartedly recommend this tube of goodness. I had some killer hormonal breakouts along my jaw line and when I used Deep Clean, I swear it helped whip my skin back into shape! Cheers, Neutrogena."

MizzCharlieBrown said:

"I break out at the barest hint of humidity, stress or chocolate. Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser not only helped me to control these breakouts, but seemed to help prevent future ones, too. My skin felt more toned, tighter (natural tight, not Botox tight), soft and, of course, thoroughly cleansed. Those with sensitive skin: though it wasn't abrasive like some deep cleansers, the product is strong, so go gently or just use at night."

Dazychain had this to say:

"I was impressed with how creamy and soft the Deep Clean Cleanser felt. As soon as I used it for the first time, I really got a sense that it was doing wonders for my skin without being too harsh. This is an affordable go-to cleanser which I’ll happily use again and again."

Maccah thought:

"It was a lot thicker and richer than I was expecting, if I'm honest. It felt more luxurious than a cleanser that you would buy in the supermarket. I’m always looking for something to dig deep and unclog pores so I was glad to see that it contains salicylic acid. A little sure goes a long way, too, so that's always a bonus! "

M3i said:

"Neutrogena is not my usual skincare brand, but I was pleasantly surprised by Deep Clean Cream Cleanser. It glides on, smells refreshing and has an incredibly rich texture—so much so that I double checked to make sure that it was non-comedogenic (it was, yay!!). My skin was left feeling clean, smooth and pleasantly tingly from the menthol in the wash. After three uses, I saw a discernible difference in the appearance of the pores on my nose. For someone with dry skin, like me, it can be a bit astringent. But the packaging does point out that if you have dry skin, you shouldn't use the product regularly.  feel like people with oily skin or acne-prone skin could benefit a lot from this cleanser."

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