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Product Reviews: Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Sunscreen Spray

Reader Reviews: Neutrogena Ultimate Sport Sunscreen Spray

With swimsuit season under way and beach bodies on our mind, everyone at Sugar HQ has stepped up the exercise. Same with you guys? Thought as much. Which is why we need a sunscreen that not only offers SPF 30+coverage and has a lightweight feel, but one that's sweat-resistant and long-lasting. The new Ultimate Sport Sunscreen Spray ($17.99) from Neutrogena — which is also available in a face and body lotion — sounded like it fitted the bill. So we asked the Reader Review Panel to put it through its paces (literally) and let us know their thoughts. Here's what they said:

Clarkey said:

"This was a great sports sunscreen which comes in a handy spray bottle. I left it in my gym bag all week and relied on it for sunny days. While it was easy to spray, I did find the texture a little tool shiny for my liking. Having said that, it offered great protection when I was working up a sweat outdoors. I’ll definitely be using this again."

Fountainrose81 had this to say:

"The Neutrogena Sport spray is a handy keep-in-your-car sunscreen which has been a lifesaver in scorching hot Sydney weather. I love the ease and convenience of simply spraying on a layer of protection and not having to worry about greasy hands filled with cream. Although I’ll be spraying up a storm with it come Summer holidays, I do wish the scent was a little more neutral and not so masculine."

Keep reading . . .Aliceeesaid:

"I know it says "breathable" on the packaging but I wasn't expecting that to be true. For it to be long lasting and durable I thought it would have to be thick to not sweat and rub off but I was pleasantly surprised by this spray. Will use again. It lasted for long bike rides where I really build up a sweat and was lighter than my usual moisturiser so I don't have to worry about my pores being all clogged! A great sunscreen that I'll be recommending to all my sporty friends."

Iloveny thought:

"I trialled the new Neutrogena Ultimate Sport sunscreen on one of the extremely hot November days we’ve had in Sydney. I was at the beach and it was 29 degrees and humid. This was the best sunscreen I’ve tried; it felt extremely light on my skin and I loved that it was in a spray form so I didn’t get sand everywhere. The best part was that I didn’t get burnt and I didn’t need to constantly re-apply! I would definitely buy this product again (I don't think you only have to use it if you do sports) and recommend to friends and family."

Masstige had this to say:

"For me, best thing about the spray was ease and enjoyment of use. Trying to suncream two toddlers effectively is a challenge at best but this made it fun and fast! I'll be looking out for this range of products when the need arises in the future. Thanks Neutrogena."

Missy1632 said:

"Neutrogena Ultimate Sport is the first spray-on sunscreen I’ve used and it made me wonder why I hadn’t used one before! I applied it before heading to the beach, and while I was originally worried that its lightweight feel meant it wasn’t giving me enough sun protection, it was just as effective as any other sunscreen lotion I’ve used. I also liked that its scent wasn’t as strong as some others I’ve tried. I’ll definitely be keeping Ultimate Sport in my bag throughout Summer!"

Here's what Strawberryfields83 thought of it:

"I'll admit that I'm not the most sporty of people but when it gets to Summer here, I turn into a "hot mess" as you Sugar girls would say!! I get quite hot and sweaty so it was great to have the opportunity to trial a sunscreen that promised to be long-lasting and sweat-resistant. I can happily report back that it's both! I went out for a long walk the other week in the sunshine and normally I'm stopping every two seconds to apply sunscreen as I'm paranoid I'm getting burnt and usually end up with a red patch or two if I've sweated. This lasted the whole walk and best of all, it didn't even feel like I was wearing sunscreen. The only giveaway was the scent but that's a small price to pay in my mind. Thanks BellaSugar. And thanks Neutrogena!"

Salstar said:

"For me the scent was WAY to masculine but my boyfriend loved it! Normally it's the other way around as he finds most sunscreens smell to feminine so it's good that he's happy for once! He said it was good and he didn't get burnt after he'd been for a beach run so guess that proves it works. I have been stealing it back to use on my legs but, it's got a sheen to it which makes them look quite sexy!"

Bondi1 had this to say:

"I LOVE spray-on sunscreen! It’s heaps better than goopy white lotion and makes life SO much easier! I just coat myself with Neutrogena Ultimate Sport before hitting the beach and I’m good to go for four hours. Plus it won’t clog my pores because it’s not greasy. You can also throw it in your bag and not worry about it leaking all over your magazines and trashy books. The only danger is that everyone else will want to use it as well. A great sunscreen for the whole family."


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