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Product Reviews: Reviews of Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit

Reader Reviews: Neutrogena® Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Range

Word on the street is that you guys love hearing about what real people think about beauty products. It's awesome for us at Sugar HQ to recommend products to you, but it's even better to get the 411 from peeps like yourselves. That's where our Reader Review Panel comes in, and today the star of the show is Neutrogena's new Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit range consisting of a Foaming Scrub ($14.99) and Facial Wash ($14.99). Here's what you all thought about the products  . . .

Birdplane said:

"The smell of this makes me reach for it again and again! It actually eliminated a lot of oil and thoroughly exfoliated my face. It didn't get rid of as many blackheads as I would have liked but I think over time, it'll keep new ones at bay. I love how thoroughly clean my face feels after using this. My skin feels a little bit dry after using this but it didn't go flaky, and I ended up using Neutrogena's new Healthy Defence Daily Moisturiser straight after. The cleanser foams really easily and washes away all impurities on my face. My skin felt softer and more supple after using this, and the smell is such a pleasure when I use it in the morning — really wakes me up! The pump can be a bit fiddly as I end up taking out too much product but other than that this is a great cleanser and it contains 2 percent salicylic acid which is a must for acne control."

Keep reading . . .Joey2608 had this to say:

"My first impression of the Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit products was that they looked gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to try them!!Both products smelt good enough to eat, with a gorgeous fruity smell. The Foaming Scrub and Cleanser both left my skin feeling clean and refreshed after each use. I loved the gentle exfoliating beads of the Foaming Scrub and the smoothness and gentleness of the Facial Cleanser. I thought the products were quite good on my oily-combination skin."

Boxsey said:

"After three days of use, there is a definite result. I have 39-year-old skin, with hormonal acne and after three days the inflammation has settled, and what's left of the current zit-crop is barely noticeable. Impressive! I love the smell — very zingy and uplifting. The scrub felt a bit rough, not something I tend to like, but given the results I will keep using. The facial cleanser rubs up into a lovely cream, which I really did like. Definite keepers. Thank you!"

Motleytommylee thought:

"My first attempt at using this product was exactly how I had expected it: perfect. Neutrogena’s use of exfoliating micro-beads in this product cleaned and cleared my face of makeup and oil within the first wash leaving my face free of oil and as smooth as I think my face could ever be, whilst also clearing my pores. The thing I found about this product is that (like most face scrubs) it does state that it is a daily use scrub, however even after my second use in two days I found my face became dry and somewhat flaky. This product is great for daily use for those with oily skin, however because I seem to have combination skin, a less frequent use of this product would be ideal for me. I rate this product an 8/10. Neutrogena’s acne wash pink grapefruit cleanser is my favourite of the two grapefruit products. It is less harsh on the face, however still targets unwanted oils and clogged pores in the same way that the grapefruit foaming scrub does. I would suggest this product to acne sufferers and those with normal skin as its smooth, foaming consistency does not dry the skin out, even after daily use. The scent of this product is definitely an important feature. What is even better is that the grapefruit scent is 100 percent derived from grapefruit extract. With this cleanser’s 175mL bottle, you know you are getting value for money. I give this product a 10/10."

Daysofourlives had this to say:

"The Neutrogena Grapefruit gel cleanser is a little beauty. Great for those times when I'm ambivalent about washing my face — it’s so quickly and easy. The smell is absolutely divine! Only things I can fault are the pump that raises too high after I open it and won’t go back down without sacrificing my lovely gel, and that if overused it can dry out skin. If you use it properly, you’re in for a treat. My pimples have cleared so well too. I’m a happy chappy! Neutrogena’s Grapefruit Scrub is AH-MAZING! I like it more than the gel actually. I can really feel it exfoliating and cleaning my skin without being abrasive. It’s so cute and pink, which is a bonus. This doesn’t leave my skin super-oily afterwards too, like most scrubs. Takes off waterproof makeup like a charm too ;) Oooh and I love the pink beads — they unclog my pores, which mean less blackheads. Hooray!"

Nix1 said:

"What I loved about this is the smell!! The grapefruit smells so fresh and sweet, I wouldn’t mind just using it for the scent. The scrub is gentle enough to use every day and it leaves my skin feeling very fresh and soft. The tiny beads exfoliate really well, so that you actually get a deep clean. It lathers well and leaves skin feeling much smoother."

Here's what Sandyg68 thought of it:

"I enjoyed using the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Range. I love the product’s pink colour and fresh fruity fragrance. The facial cleanser foamed well and removed all my makeup, leaving my skin feeling clean and refreshed. Some sensitivity occurred where my skin is usually dry. The foaming scrub was nice and gentle on my skin as it foamed like a cleanser with fine exfoliating beads. I really like that both products rinsed off my skin easily and have the added benefit of salicylic acid for my oily T- zone. Overall a great summer range for oily/acne skin!"

Jamau said:

"Both the scrub and cleanser looked great and smelt fantastic. My daughter (four) wanted to use both, so I had to move them into the shower (top shelf) quick smart otherwise there would be no product for me to trial! I loved the smell of both products and I didn’t suffer any breakouts while using them. But although the packaging said non-drying, my skin felt dried out after every use. This drying effect means I won’t be using the products long term."

Chronosphinx said:

"The facial wash has a very sweet scent that really lingers even after rinsing. Though I did not personally have a reaction to the facial wash, the strong scent might actually deter those who have sensitive skin because fragrance (parfum) is an irritating chemical. The formula itself is thick and gel-based, which lathered easily when applied to wet face. The Microclear technology that Neutrogena boasts claims to unblock pores and stop breakouts from occurring. While I didn’t get additional breakouts while using this, I did not see an improvement in my complexion from the zits and blackheads. I have only been using this facial wash daily for about 10 days and I will keep going with it awhile longer to see if it yields better results for me. This exfoliant has a gentler texture than what I expected. When applied it foams up readily and I could feel the beads gently removing dead skin cells. The foaming action and the smell made my skin feel refreshed, but that was the only thing this scrub did for my complexion. Despite this product also using Neutrogena’s Microclear technology with 2 percent salicylic acid, it did not purify my skin from the blemishes and blackheads that seem to plague my skin. This foaming scrub also left my skin feeling tight and dry."

Blondie1973 said:

"Thank you to the Sugar Network for giving me the chance to try Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub. I really loved everything about this scrub. The packaging looks great and the scrub smell good enough to eat. I used it on a dry face, which feels great after rinsing and in the shower, which was easier to rinse off. After using either way my face felt so fresh and new, felt great too. I will be buying this again for sure and I recommend this scrub to anyone who loves a good gritty scrub and smooth, fresh and supple face."

Mystygirl said:

"My daughter (12) and I (33) both tried out the Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit for a week. I found the smell so invigorating and refreshing I fell in love with it instantly. Before using these products I hadnt realised the layer of oil on my skin but after each use I found my skin more radiant and it felt just fantastic. My skin looks so much healthier and I have had no breakouts since beginning it. I plan on dumping my old routine and continuing to use this product. It was absolutely fantastic. My daughter did have issues with the product. She does have sensitive skin and found she ended up with a rash over her nose . . . it wasn't anything red or nasty or really noticeable to anyone but her. She used it for another day to see if maybe it was just her skin clearing out old junk but it irritated too much so she stopped using it. Overall, for those without sensitive skin, it is an absolute godsend and you can't imagine how good your skin feels 'til you give it a shot. It gets a winning vote from me!"

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