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Product Reviews: Round Two Reviews of Neutrogena Healthy Defence Daily Moisturiser SPF 30 on BellaSugar

Reader Reviews: Neutrogena Healthy Defence Daily Moisturiser SPF 30+, Round 2

It's that time again peeps: Reader Review time! Woot! Just in case you aren't sure what we're talking about (and you desperately want to be part of our special lil' group) the Reader Review Panel is made up of lovely members like you and Betty, who we send delightful products to trial and review. It's your chance to be Bella for a day, and tell us all what you really think. Up today, for the SECOND time because you loved it so is Neutrogena Healthy Defence Daily Moisturiser SPF 30+ ($17.95) . . .

Lafashionista78 said:

"I absolutely love, love this product! As a big believer in using an SPF every day, this moisturiser is now my new favourite! The product is very, very light and absorbs into the skin quickly and easily with no white residue or greasiness. It has a lovely light smell and is small enough to carry with you every day. I tried the combination/oily skin and felt that it did not exacerbate my oily T-zone at all. It has everything you need in a daily moisturising SPF!"

Keep reading . . .Dejavoodoo had this to say:

"Neutrogena's Healthy Defence Daily Moisturiser SPF 30+ is my new favourite beauty product. It goes on smoothly, leaves a primer-like feeling on your skin and acts as a great base for layering concealer and foundation on top. Your skin remains moisturised throughout the day and has the added benefit of being protected from UVA and UVB rays. A highly recommended product!"

Cjblue said:

"Reading the info, I was very excited to try as it claimed to be light. It was quite thick, like any other sunscreen is, but I was pleasantly surprised when it air-dried on my face quite quickly. Very easy to wear under makeup. Personally, it’s too much for my skin, especially since my foundation already has a sunscreen in it, but if you are looking for a moisturiser with sunscreen, it’s definitely one of the nicer ones I've tried and leaves your skin feeling smooth."

Maryanacole thought:

"I like that this has no noticeable fragrance, and the smooth and light texture of the cream. It is more easy to apply than traditional sunscreens, especially on the face and neck area, and you don’t get any white patches after applying. But it could have been a larger pack, especially when you need to use it daily!"

Sandyg68 had this to say:

"Thank you for the opportunity to trial the lovely Neutrogena Healthy Defence Daily Moisturiser SPF 30+ (Combination/Oily skin). I really like the daily moisturiser’s small handbag-size packaging and summer fresh fragrance. The first time I applied the moisturiser I was surprised how light it felt on my skin and how quickly it was absorbed. The moisturiser worked well applied to my skin on its own and under makeup. Although my skin is sensitive to some sunblock products, I had no reaction at all. Overall I enjoyed using this product and would highly recommend it for Combination/Oily skin in Summer. "

Missy1632 said:

"I had been searching for a moisturiser that contained an SPF of over 15 for my face but was having trouble finding anything suitable — they are usually too greasy and make me breakout. I was really excited to be given the chance to test out the Neutrogena Healthy Defence SPF 30 and at first sight I thought this product was going to be too rich for me as well . . . but I was wrong. The cream seeps into your skin and melts instantly and doesn’t leave that tell-tale greasy sunscreen feeling. In fact, this is one of the richest creams my face has been able to handle and it’s LOVING it! I feel really confident to wear this out in the sun and feel totally protected, and at only $17.95 RRP I would even buy it myself! Thanks BellaSugar!"

Here's what Autumns_Elegy thought of it:

"I tried the formula for normal skin and found it didn’t give enough moisture to my skin. The crème formula was pretty good as a little went a long way but the SPF seem to wear off after two or so hours instead of the usual four. What I really liked about this product was that I could pop it in my handbag and apply it over my makeup during the day when my skin was a bit dry!"

Keppers said:

"I trialled the Normal/Combination Skin Healthy Defence Moisturiser. This product is great for the handbag or travelling. It is a good product but it didn't moisturise my dry skin very well as it tends to absorb quickly so you need a lot of product, but even then my skin didn’t feel super moisturised. I had no issue with sun-burn despite being in the sun for hours!"

Cingywingy had this to say:

"I have been using the Neutrogena Healthy Defence Moisturiser and I am already a convert. I must admit I often don’t use sunscreen on my face as after trying so many different sunscreen products I have given up on finding the right one until I tested this sunscreen. The previous sunscreen products I’ve tried leave my face looking too oil, not so with Neutrogena. It went on smoothly, rubbed in within a matter of seconds and didn’t leave my face a big greasy mess. And it leaves a silky feeling. It is long-lasting and easily withstands a long sweaty stroll in the humid morning sun. I like the matte feel of the box. It has lovely packaging with a great tube and is easy-to-use. The light scent is nice; it gives you a refreshing feeling without being overwhelming. I really enjoyed using this product, and at this value, it is a real steal! With this sunscreen, it has made it easy for me to remember the importance of sunscreen with a simple and easy to use daily moisturiser!"


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